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Why Aquatic Creatures aren't in the game and how they can be implemented

Aquatic creatures, we were all expecting them about a year or so ago, when we saw the little ammonite symbol on the logo, but instead we got Cenozoics, I like Cenozoics but I would love Aquatics. Now we have 4 very clear problems with implementing Aquatics and are probably the main reasons as to why they are not in the game and won’t be, until someone can solve these solutions, I think I have these solutions

  1. If Ark Survival Evolved has taught me anything it is that you can not fire guns underwater to tranquilise beasts.
    1 Solution. Instead of darting these aquatic creatures, what if we contained them? By using helicopters, so if you were to contain them you would guarantee to unlock it the first try and get however much dna you need, 50 for common, 100 for rare, 150 for epic and so on. But how would we contain them? Well for those of you who play Jurassic World Evolution or Jurassic Park Builder we know that we have the helicopters

    Considering we get the exact amount of required dna each time each process should take a certain amount of time, say containing a common would take 5 minutes, containing a rare 10 and containing an epic 15.
    Now we only have drones, so a helicopter would be a big step up, especially if we got it for free, so in the store or your collection there could be a place to buy helicopters, say you could have 3 helicopters that you could buy for about $50,000 coins or so, and you can keep them forever after you buy them. I think this idea could work, what about you?

  2. Looking at your phone and walking into a river is dangerous.
    Ok yes, who’s going to do that, well a while ago when Pokemon Go came out, apparently someone drowned? Not sure if that is entirely true, but it clearly shows this is dangerous, so how can we make our way around it?

2 Solution. Easy, you don’t need to be in range to capture the creature, you just need a helicopter like I mentioned before! With a helicopter, say you saw something good in the water like an Epic Mosasaurus or a Megalodon, but you don’t want to go in the water, well just click on the Mosasaurus and press launch, you can be however far away as you want and launch it.

  1. Some people have no lakes, not even a water source around them, so are they just going to be left out and never get aquatics?

3 Solution. Of course not, everyone should be able to join in! But how is this implemented? Well remember how you would send off the helicopter in Jurassic Park Builder for DNA expeditions? Do you see what I’m getting at?

Now at a time you can send 3 helicopters out, but wait you’re saying that people just get to find the creatures they whilst some people can’t find lakes and are getting random DNA? Well the point of this game is to go out and explore, so you should be rewarded for doing that, also if you go out and explore and find a creature you want, that will use up a helicopter. Now considering these helicopters would be exploring worldwide, I would say it would take double the time to find creatures, so say if you bought all 3 helicopters, you can guarantee yourself the first helicopter could be dedicated to commons, the second rares and the 3rd epics, although I’d say maybe getting 150 dna every 30 minutes would be a bit too OP, so could make that a couple of hours or something.

  1. Battle Arena. How would these things ever be added to battle arenas, how can we place them in the same arena as normal dinos? Can we?

4 Solution. Alright this sets up a really cool idea, Ludia just said they are adding Co-ops and we can play with friends, so I’d say Ludia could set up a Duos mode just like in Clash Royale! How would this work? Well you get 4 water creatures and your opponent gets 4 land creatures(This would probably be randomly chosen by the game) so that is 8 creatures in total, I’d say you would have to take down 4 of the opponents creatures to win, but how would this mechanic work? Well, the battle timer waits for all 4 players to make their moves and the fastest land creature and fastest water creature attack at the same time(Or right after each other to see the animations) And then the other 2 creatures attack. Now what happens if the aquatic creatures gets all 4 kills and the land dino gets none? Well you still win, what happens if you evenly get 2 kills together, well it adds up to 4 and you win. This would be the duos arena but instead the aquatics stay in the water and don’t randomly eat the land dinos:

Now duos is fun and would speed up the time to opening daily battle incubators, but what if you just wanted to play solos? Well in the game for season rewards we used to get bucks, coins and incubators, but now we only get dna. So what if the land creatures side of the seasons gave us DNA and the aquatic creatures side of the seasons gave us coins and bucks, maybe even boosts? This way you can choose which season you play, maybe you don’t want the dna, but you’ll take the coins and bucks, or maybe you’re full on coins and there is some dna you need, or you can play both and still get all the rewards!

I hope this will help fix the problem with aquatics being added? Do you reckon this could work and could be added to the game @mods would you be able to pass this on to the team so they could see if this could work?


This idea is amazing you basically solved every problem everyones been complaining about I really hope they use this idea to implement aquatics.

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As much as I like what you have suggested, people are seriously overthinking the aquatics angle. Ludia aren’t going to code in all this stuff. Aquatics will just spawn in their own puddle and that will be that.

I do wonder if they are struggling to code the water properly and that is why we are having Permians/Cenozoics years first.


They don’t need to code it in, they already have the equipment they need, for example the exploration idea to send off helicopters to find aquatics, was already in Jurassic Park Builder, so they can just copy it over, the duo arena I suggested, they are basically adding this in with co-op mode, so they would just need to copy that, I understand that it is a bit overthought and maybe they might not be bothered to put it in, but they already have the equipment they need, so if they were to do it, surely it wouldn’t be too hard.

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Maybe so. They do seem to like copying assets over from JPTG. :grinning:

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Biggest issue I see is that your suggestion expands far beyond simply adding feasible aquatic creatures to the game. You’re suggesting, in essence, that JWA follow the park game’s trend of making separate arenas. I suspect it will be difficult to create an entirely new PvP arena without having playercount/matchmaking concerns. Double battles sounds cool on paper but would totally change the nature of the game (think about how different pokemon games are when you use single versus double battle formats), whereas coop will likely largely resemble two single battling players against an AI. The dna acquisition aspect seems almost too forgiving, I wonder if instead you have dna from puddles based aquatics (you just dart them through the surface of the water), and aquatic strike events that are separate from normal ones. In short, I support the idea of adding aquatics, but it’s going to need thought on behalf of Ludia, as the big question “is this all one arena” needs to be answered by their team before this can be implemented (as the choice to combine land dinos and Cenozoic has already been made, and I think it was the right call to combine them).

Would you like a Mosasaurus flying in your Aviary? I think I saw one in the Lockwood Mansion, omg it was insane lvl 30, boosted, crazy dude, I understand, but how would they implement aquatic creatures into the normal battles? If they were to add battles for aquatics that was only strike towers in would be a circle of 2 arrows: Battle for Aquatic Creature DNA in Strike Towers----> Upgrade Aquatic Creatures------>same thing again. We need a PVP aspect for these Aquatics or it will get quickly boring. Only other way they do this is if we’re versing bots, we are not going to see a Mosasaurus in Lockwood Library being imapaled by a trike skull, they have to make 2 different arenas, the million dollar question is will the aquatic arena be real people or bots?

a control tower or heliport could appear on the map and when you click on it the sea creatures come out around you on a kind of sonar-shaped aura

Would semi-aquatic creatures like amphibians(ophiacodon), turtles(carbonemys), crocs(sarcosuchus), and spinosaurus-like creatures be usable in aquatic battles?

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I do think this is the way it will go. I can’t really see another reasonable way of them doing it.

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No… just no. You and everyone asking for this again and again… it doesnt make sense or work. It would be an entirely different game and if it happens that’s the only way it can, as a separate app. You cant have floating whale sized creatures on the map or in the arena which means separate maps and arenas which means practically doubling the app size and having to switch back and forth or else you have a complete immersion break (again, floating whales or you’re “flooding the map” to find them). Even if you do the puddle idea it’s just silly and giving someone a helicopter to go find them again breaks the core of the game which is supposed to be go walk around and find them. It doesnt work and it isn’t going to happen

Of course you can. There is no immersion lost at all. They just need to appear on the map like everything else does.

It’s no different than friendly battles or the tournaments. It’s just a different tab in the battle section. A few extra backgrounds isn’t going to increase the app size all that. It works fine in Jurassic World the Game.

We shall see. I think it works fine. It’ll be a while I’m sure until we see aquatics anyway.

They might not be in the game, but I found one in my house. :laughing:


On a forum, I saw a mosasaur spawn on the map. Is this like one of the game hacks where you can do different mods.

How… exactly… does a whale sized creatures flying through a neighborhood why land animals are walking that same neighborhood not break immersion? If it happens it will be a separate game

We have a creature that is part cat, part turtle, and part dinosaur. I really don’t think they care about this immersion you speak of

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What @Erlikdom said. It has nothing to do with immersion in that sense. They won’t be “flying” through the neighbourhood. They’ll be just be a entry on the map screen.

I haven’t got a mosasaur yet but it’s on my wishlist. I’ve just got these girls guarding an ammonite and belamite shell.


Nice collection! :star_struck:

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And this is my dinosaur collection!