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Why Ardentismaxima is a problem

It’s not just the ridiculously high health, damage and immunities, which already make it game breaking.
Also it has ONE counter. Something that it will take 60% of the health off in one hit, which is a separate problem.
On top of that. It slows with double damage/destroys all defenses every second turn. Which means the only thing you can swap to is something that does damage when it is swapped to. It also must defeat it THAT turn, there is a VERY low chance it will survive two shots, no matter what it is.
On top of that, if you’re lucky enough to have thylacotator in your team that match and get bleed off, all the Ardentismaxima player has to do is swap to something that does damage on swap or something that counter attacks. The thylacotator will be defeated, the ardentismaxima will be very much alive and to defeat it after that is VERY costly.

It costs at least 2 creatures to defeat a Ardentismaxima in ANY situation except one where the user leaves it out for the second shot from thylacotator.

In other words, there are about a dozen ways for Ardentismaxima to win the fight and only about 2 ways to defeat it. This is hugely unbalanced. It impacts the entire game.


I don’t know about Ardentismaxima having a dozen ways to win, but the only time I ever really have trouble with it is when it crits. As long as I have my Thor ready to come in for the revenge kill, or swap Stygidaryx in on the first turn to negate the Decel Rampage and survive the Defense Shattering Rampage, all it takes is the right strategy and I’ll put the opposing Ardentismaxima in a pretty bad position at worst, and outright off it on the first round at best.

That being said though, it’s Instant Invincibility needs to be downgraded to just a normal Shield, and/or it needs it’s swap-prevention resistance removed. And some creatures should have a speed resistance/higher speed resistance.


Max boosted suchotator, hold my bleed followed by DC.

I’m using Suchotator against it as well - not many boosts on it yet other than speed; also have Thyla.

Ardento can be bled, first move they use is decellerating rampage.

Swap stigy in on decel rampage, so slowed down for 2 goes (shattering rampage/resilient, so probably dead) all Daryx can do is resilient or cleansing swoop, first is a small hit second a random Dino swapped in to get smashed then probably face instant invincibility if faster…


This why it my problem


Are you just happy you beat Ardent or suggesting it perfectly fine because thylo can beat it, not sure of the context?

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Can’t allo g2 or alloraptor be a counter and how is rending takedown a problem. It can do little damage, high damage, or medium depending on the creature

Maxima is not a god, it can be beaten. match making is more of the problem


Why is thos guy so against maxima. Indom can do 4,000 with a crit no matter what cuz it has shield, 8,000 or even 12,000. That’s not even mentioning that with max attack stats it can do 20,505 damage on revenge cloak with a crit or 16,404 without crit. I’m not seeing a maxima with even 11,000 hp. But dont start giving indom nerf threads now. Indy is best the way she is

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Bleed then swap easy win lol even if it kills dc if ya have thor or tryko its dead.

Urg it’s not a god it can be beaten, it’s a question of balance nobody is saying it’s never been beaten. it absolutely dominates the arena with ridiculously few counters, wether you have screenshots of it dying against a boosted thylo or not :man_facepalming:


I get same results bleeding maxima with sucho, swap DC it usually dies and if it kills dc if i have Thor after its dead.

no Gemini, entelomoth and mammolania were worse … just like indo Raptor Gen 2.:man_shrugging:t3:
my Thyla only has a boost
I play arena every day and Maxima is the least of the problems for me

I didn’t realise this was a debate about previous OP Dinos I thought we were talking about the present, I battle everyday and Ardent is so dominant in my experience… if you want to talk about your other problemss then go for it…


now you use maxima yourself right? if others invest more boost in maxima … I can either do the same or leave it and live with it.:man_shrugging:t3:

this constant call for nerves has already done enough damage.

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if you survive two turns and maxima sticks around for two turns, sure. Same with bleed. Why would you leave your maxima to take the rending hit? even after one round of bleed it could have more hp than most others.

In all instances where you’re talking rend it has a delay of 1 turn, they only have to hit you once then swap to draco and you no longer have rend.

Well, I can just switch, the opponent doesn’t know what I have

I had 12 fights today and drew my maxima 3 times… the opponents 5 Tryko, 3 Dio, 3 Maxima🤷🏼‍♂️

it’s like in real life, how do you hit someone who is currently superior to me…many ways