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Why are all vikings in my clan with name: DragonRider#2019?

Hey guys.I dont know if this is a bug or something but well it happened when I signed in with my acc in my moms phone.Also the names in the clans (its actually one clan) are changed.From my phone the name is “TheMightyVikings” while at my moms phone is"Toothless and Light"(witch how it should be)
Am a little worried and if ya guys have this bug too? Or can you tell me what to do? Also the social media of the game where it informs me for the new events and stuff just dissapeared??not a big deal tho but they just dissapeared?? Any help will be appreciated.

Same thing happened to me.
But then after a while it was ok.
What’s your level? Until level 5 is bloqued. And in level 6 and 7 doesn’t work very well…

Im level 15.Did your clan had this issue?If so can you tell me what to do to fix it if its possible?Perhaps reinstalling the game could help?

Both my kids have this issue… they are both over lvl 15 so not sure what the plan is. They can’t access chat either. Security settings maybe?

Hey Tootie_lover, I’m not sure why your Clan’s name would be different when you sign in with different devices but is it possible that you’re not signing into the same game account? Our team would be happy to take a closer look at this if you reach out to them here at with your support key.

Also, @WaffleIron, if your kid’s accounts are set below a certain age, some social features in Clans will be blocked.

Oh now I get it! It was like this because of the age thingy!!im so dumb lol xD
Here’s how I fixed it(please make sure you arent a guest unless you will lose your progress)
1:unistall your game
2:install it again
3:when it asks you for age click the second button
4:sigh in in your acc
5: Enjoy!
@WaffleIron @Miguel_Guerreiro

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