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Why are alliance members showing 0 trophies?


So I’ve notice for a while now that there’s about 15 people in my alliance that have been sitting at 0 trophies for a while. Is this because they’re no longer playing?


Seems to happen when users don’t log in, or was it if they didn’t battle yet after an update. One of those.


That means they havent done a ranked battle since March 8th


Everytime a tournament starts trophies are reset and until u do one ranked match in arena ur trophy count will show as 0 to everyone else


So basically yes. They’ve quit. Unless they’re simply just collectors


Unfortunately the leader is one of them, no way to kick any of them


Probably time to join a new alliance

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OR… maybe they were playing on an iOS device, which got damaged and had to be replaced with an Android device, which means they could no longer log into their account (if they were using the Mac Game Store, instead of FB) and had to start over, sadly.

That might have happened to someone I know very well…

I’ve had my eyes peeled for a cheap iOS device (even an iPod, since they have wifi it would work) so that this particular account could again become active.