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Why are aquatics so expensive

why in the world are aquatics so expensive. I mean baculites and psephoderma cost more than legendaries.

Aquatics have a higher ferocity than jurassics, your best bet is doing coin to aquatic trades or aquatic PvP to gain copies of needed aquatics if your saving dna.


All I can say is


Same can be said about legendary Cenozoics being as good as good super rares


Yes, most of them are.

But with cenos you can at least use them against jurassics in the ceno vs land pvp arena. Aquatics are in their own league completely. Sure their ferocity might be higher than jurassics’ but you can’t pit them against one an other. Their value should be taken into consideration too and most sr aquatics (without a hybrid) are completely useless so their dna cost should represent that.

Alright, you could argue that they are not completely useless… They work just fine as fodder. :crazy_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Geosaur and xiphactinus werent so useless in the boss event when I was running out of high level caves to use :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: