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Why are most players being timed out?

As the heading states.

because it’s broken. I just went to time out screen and decided to reboot. I cam in inside a battle… I rebouded a little … lost but at least I dished out 2 kills, Made a mistake on my last move and should of swapped to Alanqa.

I recommend Restarting now even after a 1 minute time out.

Because Ludia.
Sorry had to say that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah. Makes no sense. Shouldn’t be an issue finding an opponent. Thousands of teams at same level in same tournament to start and still couldn’t find an opponent.

Pls fix this

Since a few hours ago, I got used to restart the game before asking for a battle and after 1 minute waiting for the opponent. At least, I could re-enter the battle, that has started while I was waiting.