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Why are my competitors so strong?

Hi! I noticed your team and formed a strategy which may help you.
Since your Orthacanthus has an advantage over Leptocleidus, you can put it in first and take out Lepptocleidus in one hit. Then comes the Leedsichthys. I think you can take him out very easily since your Orthacanthus will survive, and it’s health and attack are WOW.
Use the Styxosaurus as a Meat Shield and take out the Archelon with your Liopleurodon.
This is a suggestion, if it works, well and good! Let me know how it turns out :smiley:

Hello I will try, I will send you feedback :smile:

Great! I’m waiting for your response :slight_smile:

Remember, use them in this order - Orthacanthus, Styxosaurus and Liopleurodon, and try the strategy I mentioned!
Good luck!

To answer your question:


thank you I win

With your Aquatic lineup, your going to continue to have difficulty in Aquatic Events. Read the link from @Sionsith above.


Would it be better if I sell Orchatantus ??

This is not a hard team. I had to fight a level 21 T rex, a level 5 indominus, and a level 22 Dimorphodon for a legendary pack today, having a level 1 mastodonsaurus as my best creature. My 2nd best creature is a level 20 postosuchus and i barely won that one.

You have a couple of options. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

First, keep the Orthocanthus and deal with hard matches until you build up your bench.

Second, spend VIP points, Dinobucks, and/or real money to get the creatures you need to make your lineup not so lopsided.

Third, sell the Orthocanthus and reset your Aquatic lineup.

Since you were able to get the win today, I’d do either option 1 or 2. Just understand that you’re going have difficulty and where that difficulty comes from.

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I think I will choose option 1

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This time the class advantage was with you. Next time, you may see a high level surface


thanks for your warning

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Orthacanthus is the reason,do not sell it just as yet,but try to make a deep bench which is in that range.


Well,maybe beating it with Mastodonosaurus and Postosuchus would have been easy if not for the dimorphodon being a pterosaur. Congrats! You made it past that one.

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Good job!!

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Question, does the AI only increase the ferocity level of it’s corresponding type of creature. For example if you have a really high carnivore, but lower everything else. Will the AI only have a higher ferocity carnivore or will all the types be raised as well?

We have therorized that the game either looks at your top three creatures when doing PvE, or the three creatures you bring to a match when doing PvP.

It has no barring on the class makeup unless the event you are completing has a class makeup rule.

These are theories of course but they seem to hold true.

The PvE event also needs to be based off of this type of setup, some PvE events are based off park level in which case none of the above applies.

Thank you. You say some PVEs depends on park level. Do you know which ones? I believe my account has some kind of glitch that sent me from park level 62 to park level 90. I would rather skip a PVE that’s based on my overly inflated park level.