Why are my posts being deleted?

I am trying to ask real questions but the posts get immediately deleted.

Hey Mr.Awesome, sometimes a post can automatically get caught in our filter system. If that is the case, one of our staff members will have to take a look at the post first before it gets posted. I hope that cleared things up.

Ok I’ll ask here:

Why was the main issue that the players have (the severe lack of gold) completely ignored?
1 free dungeon every day, worth 50 gold, is basically worthless. You get 60 gold every 4 hours from chests if you log in.

Rest of the ignored questions:

What’s the point of selling cards to Durnan? Playing the game doesn’t advance characters anymore, only upgrading your gear does. Does that this make Durnan redundant?

Speaking of gear, why do you need to upgrade useless pieces of gear (like armour) to level your characters? There is no benefit to this. Armour is purely cosmetic.

Why is it still 140000 XP to go from level 12-13. Since I have no gold I can’t upgrade any more gear. This means it will take over 2300 dungeon crawls to level ONCE. This is 780 hours of continuous, non stop play. Or, just a bit over a month, running 24-7.

Where are we supposed to get gold from?


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Thanks for your feedback @Mr.Awesome, as the game is in the early stages, our team is still trying to test out as many things as possible. Selling some Extra Cards, you don’t need to Durnan is another way to net in some extra Coins. There should also be a reset timer for the free challenge as well which shows when you can try the Challenge Mode for free again and if yours is shown to be a longer period, could you contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com so they can take a look?

You keep bringing this up, but it’s not PURELY cosmetic. Higher tiers of the same set of armour give higher stat bonuses. If I have the rare armour at tier 8 and the epic armour at tier 3, the rare armour is superior, and so I’m inclined to upgrade it further. And then, when I get enough of the Epic armour to get it to rank 5, the epic version is superior, so I’ll want to be using that.

Wow, ok. I’ll explain this to you.

Level 1 rare armour is identical stats to level 5 common armour. From there, every single upgrade of both has identical stats. Level 5 rare is identical to level 9 common, which is identical to level 1 epic.
The level equivalence of legendary is 13 for Commons.

The only difference is cosmetics for equivalent levels.
So, if get your (now) 1 in a million chance of scoring a legendary armour, why would you upgrade your common? You’d need to upgrade it to level 14 to have better stats than your legendary.

Play the game if you want, but the devs simply do not care about players whatsoever.


The point is that the lv 14 armour will be better than the Legendary. That’s the reason to upgrade it when you get enough of the common armour.

Aside from how hard it is to obtain even common gear ATM, I don’t see any issue with this. What do you think the issue is, and how would you solve it?

You don’t get it.
Level 14 common armour is exactly the same stats as level 2 legendary armour.
Also, do you not realize how much gold that costs? How long it takes to grind that many cards?

I would solve it by reverting the last update. Upgrading items you don’t use makes no sense. You are literally PAYING to upgrade your character instead of PLAYING to upgrade your character.

However, I just uninstalled. I’ve played a minimum of 1 hour a day since June. My highest common card is level 11, and that’s buying it every single time it went in the shop and buying every common pack available for halbenet. Not saying that’s a bad thing - it took me 18 months to get my first maxed cars in clash Royale.

Good luck in the future. Hope you don’t hit the progression wall too soon.