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Why are people using nerfed creatures

Why are people using sarcorixis and monolameterodon still. These creatures once ruled the game but they have been nerfed but im still seeing them all the time. There time has come and its annoying me that in the aviary I see them a lot. Can someone please answer this question. Why are people still using nerfed creatures when they were nerfed for a reason. these that I am facing are max level and max boosted. why not use magna when it is a lot better.

Why not?

People can play however they want, and can use whatever creatures they choose. These guys are still pretty easy to level, and if someone put lots and lots if work into them they may still use them, I even used my own overleveled rixis in aviary for a short while after the nerf


Because they weren’t nerfed hard enough, Rixis is basically the same still, the moveset is what annoyed me. Monolomet looked like it took a hit but now it can do 3 impacts in a row, more of a buff than a nerf.

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Bruh they already nerfed it hard, rixis and metrodon now do less damage, if the moveset annoyed you use immune creature like ANKYLODICURUS, seco and dimetrodon hybrid, etc.

I’m referring to max boosted level 30 Rixis and Monolomet not tournament ones, come across a lot in Aviary, Rixis has less damage but has more hp, Monolomet had one move change and now has 75% decel resistance which doesn’t really even matter. And why should I make creatures which get hard countered by a lot of other creatures just to deal with one creature, it’s not so much Rixis but Monolomet which annoys me.

What’s the problem? Not everyone is a hardcore player that only uses the current meta, some may just want to use creatures they like. I mean, if they’re nerfed then you shouldn’t have problems taking them down, so I don’t see the point of your complain.


I still use Rixis and I’m in library. I sunk a lot of boosts into the big croc pre-nerf. I will bench it but need to get it’s replacement to strength first. It’s definitely not as good as it once was but still comes in handy from time to time though :slight_smile:


Are you complaining because they’re using creatures that you think are no longer good? I like it when my opponents use bad stuff; it makes my battles easier. :laughing: Or are you complaining because they’re still beating you with stuff you think is bad?