Why are raids so slow to react?

Is there a reason why there’s always a delay in just about everything?

Team agreed and surrendered? Forget that big button saying the match is ending. Maybe if you’re lucky we’ll end it after a turn or two. In fact, what’s the rush? Just finish the entire match and watch your team fall!

Finished a set of turns? Here, stare at the screen for ages until you can continue.

If there’s one thing I hope for in the future of raids, it’s to fix this. Seriously tired of spending 15 minutes on a 5 minute raid.

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I haven’t gotten this problem before. Sure, I do sometimes get a 2 to 3 second delay on things like when everyone’s voted surrender or everyone has done their actions but I think that’s honestly fine. I;m probably gonna remove this comment because it may seem stupid to me later

Yes I’ve noticed that sometimes when surrendering it just carries on anyway for a round or 2. I don’t mind if we were about to die anyway, letting a match finish counts towards alliance battles but surrendering doesn’t. But like you say, raids are long enough, and there’s so many of them and we often have several alliance members to help through… We don’t have time for them to keep glitching

Those breaks after each turn and rouns are to long. I call them commercial breaks. You lose 5-10 minutes with these breaks. Would be really nice if they would optimize raids.