Why are resilients immune to swap prevention?

Why are resilients immune to swap prevention? This makes them much more dominant than they already are and makes creatures like grypo who is an anti resilient creature not do very good against them. Anky lux is another example. I know it’s supposed to be good but it cannot be beaten by a fierce like albertospinos just because it’s immune to swap.


this is why i have dropped my grypo in aviary the things it should counter like skoona can just run away from it into grypo counters like srex3,thoradolosaur ( they still pretty common in aviary ),spinocon,etc

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also i heavly agree that anky lux need swap previnition immunity removed

I’d like to know where the swap prevention resistance comes from in the first place. None of its components have any.

Because Ludia seem to have a bias towards Resilient dinos. It’s been this way for ages. Resilient creatures have the most utility, seemingly receive the most attention and, above all, are always being given ways to escape anything that might be a threat.

That’s why they can evade most fierce bleed dinos - they can either cleanse it or run from it, which has made the DoT dinos worthless over the years. Swap prevention on resilients should only exist in rare circumstances.


I completely agree. I feel like Albertospinos may be tyrant if a lot of the resilients were not immune/resistance to swap prevention.