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Why are some dinosaurs extremely hard to get

Many dinosaurs are impossible to get, even some rare dinosaurs which should be relatively easy to get maybe by battle stage or an earth shattering event or something like that, but they arent available anywhere, except for packs so who knows how hard it will be to get them to max level. Examples of these are pyroraptor, rajasaurus, tyrannotitan, giganotosaurus, etc. people who got these only got them in the early releases from the game which makes it even more unfair. Please! Fix this ludia!

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you can get them from boss battles

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But I don’t think you can unlock them permenantly, that’s what we need, we need a way to unlock them permenantly instead of just getting them from packs.

It has been confirmed that so far there are no plans to give unlock events to currently locked Base Rarity creatures. For now the way to get copies is from packs, wheels and offers.

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Welcome to the forums @Gucci_Slayer
Yep it’s hard considering you are a new player
Have played this game over a year
Still i haven’t unlocked even the common ones …rares are forever rares…except that we are getting mono today

So yep…i feel you buddy
In this time it’s only possible to get these (u can’t unlock them btw) are through PvP and tournament brackets like survivor, prey, hunter or predator.
Also allosaurus is forever locked and never available…due to which it’s almost impossible to make its hybrid

It’s better to focus on those hybrids which are unlocked for now…who knows you might get them in the near future!

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the best way to get locked creatures is to play boss vs boss battles and to grind in the game

Damn, that’s really unfair. Wish ludia could fix this but they likely wont. So that means so many useful hybrids like carnoraptor, tapejalosaurus, giganocephalus, parasaura, etc will be almost impossible to get. they aren’t even common in packs and they’re honestly rarer than legendarys.

Tapejalosaurus does not have locked components. The rest have some locked components.

Tape isn’t locked btw…fight today to win mono and then you get one of the best pterosaurs!
Parasaura is forever locked and i think so ludia doesn’t care about it…nor we do… because it has terrible stats
Giganocephalus is good but never unlockable…so bye-bye shybrid
Carnoraptor too is the best…but Pyro is hard to get until you get it from TH or packs or BY GRINDING PVP

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Mono is available to lv55+ in next battle day in 47mins. If he’s not lv55 or above he has to wait for the regular earth shattering of mono for lv20-54 .

Wait what mono is today? But it’s showing gallimimus for me in earth shattering, unless I don’t have enough levels?

What level are you ?

My level is 52

You cant unlock them

You’re 3 levels shy . There was a earth shattering event for mono about 3 weeks ago , you didn’t unlock him there ? You’re in a difficult position , because you just missed the rare unlock week for lv55+. And you’re close to crossing that level and be too high level for rare earth shattering events for lv20-54.

But it’s showing gallimimus instead of mono

It isn’t , gallimimus is for lv20-54. Mono is available as in rare unlock week for lv55+. You’re lv52.

Huh weird, maybe a bug or something, it might turn into mono if I reach level 55

Gallimimus was available last battle day in rare unlock week.

I think he is trying to fool us by showing yesterday’s events