Why are some dinosaurs extremely hard to get

Nope , he was in last battle day the time he took the photo so gallimimus was still available to lv55+. It’d only change to mono if the day changes.

Here’s the last time mono was available for lv20-54 .

No I’m not dude, I can prove that if you want. Plus why would I fool you? The date and time might be messed up in my region so I’m not sure

I think he should have unlock monolophosaurus at that time or he is just pretending that he doesnt have mono

Yo I’m not pretending what are you talking about


Okay now it’s showing the monolophosaur after the gallimimus event started, my date and time is messed up I’m pretty sure

Your time isn’t messed up it’s just that when you took the first screenshot the gali event was happening and now the mono event.

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Your date and time aren’t messed up .your first screenshot was from last battle day which shows that the gallimimus event is remaining about 3 min. Now gallimimus event is closed and mono is available so it changed. The JWTG days start at 5:30 pm IST or 12pm GMT .

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Because they want your money $$$

wait is tapejalosaurus supposed to be hard to get? Thats like the only 1 i have

It isn’t , some people just have bad luck . If you just miss the earth shattering event it could take more than a month to cycle back. Then if you cross the lv55 mark it won’t be available to you until next rare unlock week. Which is his exact position. I was in such a position for carnotaurus. So i just unlcoked him this week being a lv77.

After gallilimus it’s mono…plz check your game again and in it…it’s too useful!