Why are some effects not being purified?

I just got out of a dinosaur fight and an effect of “prolonged damage” or “bleeding” was not purified by the effect of ouranosaurus and my kentrosaurus did not purify the effect of slowing down, is this a bug or came with the update?

Reading the patch notes its too difficult i guess


sorry but that did not answer my question

Ss no longer cleanses all affects, only distraction.

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I see John is posting a link…

Hey there @bonnie_wed_player_An, our recent update brought several changes to how certain abilities function! One of these changes was with Superiority Strike, as it was found to be too powerful for a mere Basic ability. As @DracoInfernalis kindly pointed out, instead of providing a full cleanse this move now only cleanses Distraction debuffs - the ones that lower your Attack.

in my opinion it got bad this way, because from Ah a negative effect that lasts for a long time it can not be purified, it can make it difficult a little

:joy::joy: aww man the blissful unawareness is amazing. So many on this forum seem to not have the ability to simply read or even do a google search for that matter

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The facebook fan page is 100x worse. Every second post is my SS is not getting rid of the bleed or its the opponent cheating

Guys, people come here because they need help. Not everyone dinos 24/7 and reads the forum obsessively.



why would I waste my time researching sources that may be false if I could ask the question to those who already have the answer?

the patch notes from the developer of the game you are playing typically lean towards true, bwpa.


^😂 or the other 3000 threads about this. This website does have its own search function too

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But its too easy to clog up the forum with another thread about “cleanse doesnt work” when superiorty strike isnt even the same as cleanse lmao

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for your convenience :wink: