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Why are stat boosts in the tournament?

And why do I have to fight level 21 everythings when my creatures are only level 15- 17 tops. Another issue I had was it said a battle timed out and i got shoved into a real battle and then fell to the lower arena

Hey Luckicrow, Stat Boosts are enabled for this Tournament. There is some more information on Jorge’s post here: [Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | Grand Opening Tournament (05/31)

I read that but the question was why. I’m totally fine with stat boost in arenas not in these and that just makes it so that people who have tons of cash, boosts and time can destroy literally everything and get the rewards

And that is why this is the first tournament I won’t enter.


Don’t waste time on tournament and you know what you are going to do. You are talented on the honest descriptions!

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Lol, I’m more excited to work on that than to participate on this tournament.

Ludia does something odd. everyone disliked that
I honestly like stat boosts but not like this

I don’t know who boosted their weak dino’s. There isn’t a shop currently. So it’s not really pay to win unless you had crazy hindsight in a tactically short sighted way.

I entered cos its cheap. Have no boosted eligible dino’s and haven’t seen many. Im happy the price was curiosity level.