Why are the battles so hard?

Idk but the battles for me seems way to hard

For one thing how am i supposed to take on a lvl 20 boosted allosinosaurus with 4000 hp with my only level 17 monolometrodon? how does the gsme expect me to do that XD

What level are you, what arena, and what creatures do you have on ur team?

monolomtrodon t rex sino velociraptor veloshracos sarcorixis thylacator and carbonemys. lvl 10 lockdown

also im new so i cant talk much

Hmmm, well that’s JWA battles for ya, you either win battles by a lot or lose em to overpowered creatures. Honestly, I haven’t been to that arena in a while and forgot and don’t know whats there, but I feel like there will always be overpowered creatures in the main arena. I’m in the aviary with creatures around lvl 20-23 and will constantly face overpowered, nitro dinos at lvl 28 to 30

oops sry i thinked i kick u

What do you mean?

idk i just clicked on u when replying

and yea im like quitting these battles cause i CANNOT take on lvl 20 legendaries

ima get monolorhino so yea :wink:

good luck with that and the arena

thx but im pretty sure i will just get 10 on the fusions. and also lol i have no even unlocked wooly rhino.

just waiting for an event where their rhino dna

Ur in lockdown, I’m in aviary. I think you should get a better team. I would try to get indominus Rex, dracoceratops and try to get rid of sino and carbonemys, maybe even get indom g2

Last year they had a Christmas event with 9 attempts on the rhino so possibly in a few weeks.

But the problem is I never see rex G2 and I’m working on indominus rex G1 but I don’t have T. rex. And the reason I have carbonemys is so that I can take on the lvl 21 raptors.

Dracoceratpos I will get BUT the thing is, if it’s faced against monolometrodon, it’s done for.

And yea indominus rex Seems like a good idea especially with the revenge cloak

Thanks for the tips Collin :wink: