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Why are the dna fuses rates so infuriating

I just got done wasting 1,500 Allosaurus dna (which does not spawn for miles away from me) trying to create Allosinosaurus and got three 10 in a row, this got me frustrated because I had to work very hard to get the Allosaurus dna just for my efforts to get rewarded by the worst possible attempts at fusion, so I found a chart giving the chance of dna per fusion

Is it intentional to make getting anything other than a 10 or 20 so difficult


EVERY. SINGLE. GODDAMN. fuse on my erlikospyx (or anything I don’t have yet) is a 10!!!


How often do you think i pressed the fuse button for my lovely titan?

And now guess again and double that number.
Pretty sure your number is still to low.
Are you ready? You want to know it?
Ok take a sit and here we go.

10… 10!!! TEEEEEEEN :persevere:

Why you doing this to me ludia…
I play daily, keep donating everything, do my quest and stay by your side for over a year.