Why Are The DNA Rewards Events Still Garbage?

I remember ranting about this a long time ago here but it still bugs me. I just finished one and it gave me a measly 125 DNA. What’s even the point of the new DNA Battle Events if rigged RNG just keeps giving me any number less than 500? They should at least be locked into giving at the bare minimum 400! Garbage and a waste of time. Might as well not have these DNA Events anymore when I actually got more DNA (500) from the Xiphactinus pack I opened today lol.

I guarantee, you have a better chance of getting lots of DNA from opening Event creature packs than the DNA Event Battles itself. Or better yet, just win the whole DNA pack as advertised? Anyone else remember when prize wheels weren’t a thing in Event Battles AND YOU ACTUALLY GET WHAT THE REWARD IS ON THE COVER OF THE EVENT?


Question of approaches, beyond the reward, I use that event to advance in other BADN missions.

That particular event is free, I don’t even think it asks for coins to participate, I use it for the mission of using 30 creatures of some particular type (amphibians this time)

I always use the lowest ferocity in every battle, common lvl 1, rare lvl 1 etc. Being free I start the 1st battle, I surrender, I accelerate for free to the common and repeat.

Focusing on the reward is 75 DNA per victory (300 for the first 4 battles) plus the DNA of the roulette, to be an event that you can complete with the weakest of your lineup and without spending any resources I don’t think it’s that bad .

PD: I don’t know what the prizes were like before the roulettes so I couldn’t say if it’s better or worse.