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Why are the rewards tiered in Raids?

How does tiering the rewards for the raids make it easier for lower level players to participate? We came across this issue following the Mortem raid this week when one of our fellow teammates received 12 DNA instead of the Min 15. Then we recalled this stipulation and we are all a little confused as to how it helps the lower level players be able to participate in the raids. There are built in requirements already in the raids so tiering the DNA they can receive for the boss is just a blatant way to show you are trying to slow their progression in the game.

so the one who gets carried receives less DNA and the one who carries gets more, fair enough


Ok that still makes no sense. I don’t care if you can carry your teammate. Yes I know they can be done with 3 people usually, well you can’t defeat Gorgo with 3 but considering the effects of the creature actually can make or break the strat we use, everybody in the team should have the chance for the same rewards. The explanation of it allows smaller player to participate in raids just simply doesn’t hold water.

I believe players weren’t able to participate in raids below a certain point now everyone can participate and get a reward that is adjusted to their level seems fair to me

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Correct me if I’m wrong

I don’t know how it was before, but it seems to me that if a low level Dino can be carried through raids and that player is in a low arena, it would make sense for the reward to be lower too.

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Yeah they do make a contribution as you said before but the contribution is usually also smaller so is their reward

See with the time invested in getting a creature that can be used on particular strats I don’t see how this is any more fair than Ludia tiering the strike event incubators. If you have a creature that can defeat the epic strike towers then you should get full rewards. You did defeat it after all. And considering once you get big enough the stike events are to easy is it really fair that you get less dna than somebody that simply one shot everything.

But that isn’t true. We all know that raids are now more about the effects not so much damage output. If you think about it Toura gets carried through a lot of raids if you went by damage dealt. If you tiered the rewards based on which player did more damage/contributed more then that player should get the minimum reward nearly every time.

Sorry guys for a little clarification the majority of our raid teams are level 20 players. We assumed they would tier the rewards of the non boss dna not the boss dna reward.

The player with the Tenontorex, Maxima, Gemini or even the Toura will have spent ages getting them up to the necessary level. The same can’t be said for some of the typical low level dinos that get carried through.

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Ah now that’s different, I thought the rewards were dependant on the player level still.

So are you saying level 20 players are getting less apex dna now?

Yes I have spent a lot of time getting those creatures to levels required to complete the raids. But with the introduction of the Apexs into the raid teams the team requirements have basically become as long as you can unlock the creature we can clear it. It take comes down to the effect not the creature level. It only requires an unlocked Toura now from what I can tell for most raids. We have started carrying level 21 unboosted Touras and lower level Indo Gen 2s. My real point in this post is if your gonna slow the progress of lower level players how are you gonna keep them playing? Especially if it takes them 30 weeks to unlock a creature when everybody else unlocked it in 20. I would just get frustrated and stop playing.

No all our level 20s have gotten at least 15. It was a slightly lower level player that got a 12.

imagine a lvl 10 player who gets carried by their friends and beats mortem every week using a lvl 15 irritator, they also get 30 DNA everytime, after some months they unlock mortem and destroy their lvl 12 opponents with a boosted lvl 26 mortem, i guess that’s enough to understand

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The incentive to keep playing is there for the lower players as they will want to get up to level 20 to get the maximum rewards.

I think this was done to try and prevent apex dinos from appearing in lower arenas

On the flip of this argument. I spend a good hour each raid day just trying to help others in our alliance get the dna. It’s frustrating when they don’t get a full allotment of dna when I gave put in the time to help them as well. Yes I have been playing for 3 years now and have creatures plenty big enough but when I help smaller people complete something I would like for them to get the rewards to.

Raids were created to satisfy high leveled players since they were leaving due to everything just being given out to low leveled players. It was meant to be hard but low leveled players figured out how to win mortem with a lvl 1 ermothrium. The tiered dna is to make it harder for low leveled players to unlock the apexes so there aren’t mortems running out in mt sibo, arenas are already broken, this is actually a good thing that ludia did. I don’t think it’s fair that it takes someone about 2 years to get a 30 and get the same dna as someone who has a lvl 1 dino. I’m level 20 but only have a level 23 tryo and nowhere near raid ready. But lower level players will keep playing cuz they get dna much faster now than they used to so they’ll think they can get uniques much faster and will. There are also lower raids and they build up eventually. There are still a lot of things lower players could do, more than there used to be

So question. Why not just tier the requirements for the raids by level? 15 to do Apex raid, 12 for uniques and everybody qualifies for legendary. That would solve the problem of not wanting lower level players to unlock the Apexes.