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WHY are there still cheaters!?

Seriously!? I thought they were “taken care of”!?
I just battled someone who used two indos, the second one came out with the same amount of health the first one had before it died.
It would be nice if there was a proper report button for cheaters as well.

And no, it wasn’t a bot. They’re in a clan and everything.

They’re in the LeggoMySteggo alliance.
I faced Monomet first, Anky, 2 Indos, and then an I-rex finished me off.


Why? The same reason why Ludia prioritizes p2w at the expense of everything else.

Money, dear boy.

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insert obligatory ludia response of “were you using wifi?”

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But yes, let’s promote cheating if they pay us! We’ll just say they’re being removed, even though they really aren’t.

Easy easy gooosefraaaaaabaaaaa… Tune into this.

They are only interested in making money now they are not interested in sorting the cheaters out
Or the mis matched battles, the numbers of glitches

Just money…

Im confused by the arguement that ludia supports cheaters because it gives them money. How exactly are they making money off cheaters? Arent cheaters the LEAST likely to be paying? Genuinely curious so please enlighten me.

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Cheaters have been known to still spend money in the game.

The way in which they are supposed to be cheating is that they “spoof” thier location allowing them to cherry pick the best.

Generally people who engage in behaviour like this tend to be afflicted with a lack of patient…

The other group o people who tend to be so impatient are those who spend alot on scents and incubators.

All told unless you are in the top tier of spenders in the game it’s really a non issue in my humble opinion. Since unless you ate dropping ridiculous amounts of money those that do will always have that kind of advantage over you.

But again as Denis Miller said "that’s just my opinion… I could be wrong. "

You can spoof dna… but stuff like coins and such are done server side. So in order to level your zone 5 uniques they still have to buy coins. Especially these accounts that were most likely made after 1.5

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Ludia doesn’t care about anything but counting money now.

I have been saying this is a hack for months thanks for finally finding proof by catching one in a clan using it! Where are all those cheating supporter cheers of its a bot now!!!