Why are these rats landing so many stinking crits?

Last time i checked the rats are supposed to have a 5% chance of landing a crit, but i started keeping count since they are so frequent… 4 out of 5 on average.

i disagree. i rarely get a rat crit on myself

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I dont use the rat, only counters… im going through streaks were ill have like 5 in a row hit me with crit

There was a time when it happened to me. Fortunately, it’s been a while.

In the first of these new tournaments, the baby rat DG2 got crits a hell lot

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i dont use it either. im not experiencing what you are

Having this cheap SIDSR, the crit chance should be 0% on this move.
Crit from SIDSR is still less annoying than the boosted rats whose HP is nearly 4k and basic damage up to nearly 2k.


I wonder of its situational based on the matchup? Ive noticed that with Ludia there are times when certain creatures, whether its mine or someone elses, perform drastically differently from the advertised stats. Over the past few days im only shocked when a rat DOESNT land a crit