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Why are those Stygi Gen2 still here?

It’s Tuesday now. As event spawn of last week, they are still not gone…

So this means Koola have been delayed for no reason, just like Darwino.
I personally not a fan of Koola. But your official FACEBOOK fanpage posted an announcement for Koola as event spawn this week…


That Diplocaucus in the picture is wondering the same thing…


They forget to release Koola this week and maybe Scolo next week as well.
From what I saw from Darwin week, that is not something unexpected.

Ludia will say Koola has been out since yesterday.

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@Ned please check if there’s a naughty Diplocaulus in your computer facility and ruined our weekly spawn again.


I’m OK with this. I’m still a long way from Level 20 with my Styg.

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New Strike Towers, but StygiG2 is still roaming around.


@Ned are we gonna get the the same answer from the Devs again that Koola in fact is out there now, we just need to look harder? Just like with Darwin?

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Don’t worry ludia will says its out and about and then go back to encouraging cheaters and doing nothing

Hey DPG members, she might be hard to find, but Koolasuchus is active this week.

So why is stygi still about… That ended apparently to make way for koola

So why is stygi still about?

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here we go again lol

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So… Is Stgy a permanent spawn now? ANd yes. I have found 3 Koolasuchus’

called it lol

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I am enjoying the new spawn mechanics immensely. Basically a new common everyday. But that stiggy needs to go. Maybe they are on a one-week rotation as opposed to the Daily rotation

Hey Kristen_Jackson_Roe, it seems like some Stygimolochs are being a bit stubborn and refuse to leave from last week. However, rest assured that they have no impact on Koolasuchus.

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I am okay with Stiggy Gen 2 hanging around a bit longer this week. I’m still trying to create the hybrid and thanks to this event I got it to 20 and got some fusing DNA! :grinning:

As long as I can go and dart scololsaurus next week I’m fine with Stygi g2 being out.


Yes we need Scolo for the new hybrid!!

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