Why are today's Trial creatures so stupid?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always grateful for free stuff. But I don’t see the point of a supposedly harder Trial if the creature’s AI will help you win right from the start. They only did basic moves against me. If it wasn’t for that I would certainly have had some trouble.

I know lower level players will probably have trouble anyway, or maybe even lose, but if you don’t want a Trial to be too hard you could let us use two creatures for example, instead of making them dumb. A little challenge is fun sometimes. Just saying o/

Watch as Ludia adds 1 goat to every trial.

I have noticed that this does happy every so often but if I swap my dinosaur out it makes a different move. Sometimes I wonder whether the AI gets confused which is why we also have the third/fourth dinosaur swap-a-roo some battles.

Things seem to be either too easy or too hard. In case of higher level players, almost always too easy

I think part of it is the theme. Armor creatures like these just get countered so hard by chompers, it’s hard to lose if you have a good one. But yeah, the AI makes some questionable decisions too.

I just throw in my monster Erlidominus. They don’t stand a chance.