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Why are we being punished

Seriously Lydia , WHY are you punishing loyal players , not surprised more people have left now than at any other stage . Fist you make boosts then we get used to them then you take away then you make them incredibly expensive and then most insulting is you decrease dinosaurs , supply drops and and incubators etc and make it boring as you need to drive or have time to walk to next town to actually dart or collect anything . WELL DONE


Sadly the only thing you can do right now is complaint on the Forum or hunt even further. Sometimes the hunting pays off


Hunting what a turtle once a month. There’s nothing to dart I’ve been darting these dinos since the beginning of the game. This game is only about sanctuaries now. Or donations . And now we get one green supply drop in every 100. I’m dropping my vip. this update was icing on the cake.


I dont blame you, this weekend is prime VIP darting, but after that… eh who knows what 5hey will do for christmas

Then you have some places were sanctuaries, towers, drops and dinos are packed together like sardines in a can. All so close it is difficult to click on one thing without opening something else.

I live out in the sticks, literally miles away from a town and this update has made it impossible to dart anywhere near as many dinos as I could before. Green stops are nowhere to be found.
I had a team of 8 dinos all at 6/6/6 and now they are at 3/3/3 and need to hit level 20 instead of 10 to compete at the top.
So I fully concur

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It’s a very strange feeling…

Everyhing that could be so good with the game!

I never thought all this would happend when I started summer 2018.

Today I would never started to play after have read this forum.

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I live in a literal desert so I gave now nothing from the few drops I had

Yeah the map since 1.10 has been a joke. It’s been getting worse each release but 1.10 is a masterpiece of suck. If I was just starting this game now, and this is the map I saw every day, it would be a real fast nope and on to the next game.


lol ya but it was worse back when you had to be exactly on top of strike towers and supply drops to open them


Yes, running outside in the snow just to spin the one box anywhere near you.


Ah those were the days back when indo had cloak and gorgashucus had adrenaline rush…I don’t miss them. Well except no boosts :joy:

Until today I hadn’t had problems with the green supply drops, as I live just outside a town and have tons of drops near me. But when I got home from work today, there were no greens in my neighborhood. I just got back from an hour of driving around town, I found 2 green drops. Out of literally hundreds.

I was looking forward to getting the last 8 velociraptors and starting on some t-rex, but that plan got dashed.

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Same there so few around me that I completly forgot we had rares today

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Zero at work today. 2 in a close-ish cemetery at home. Since it’s raining I don’t want to go out to get them. I normally get 1 at my house, but no such luck today.

The same could be said when Boost were first introduced.

I grinder everyday for a year. I maxed my coins from orange and green supply drops and sometimes the 4 treasure chest a day. I would dart all event dinos every week plus use my scents. I defeated or attempted every strike tower. Battled until I had a coin limit reached. I was/am a super loyal FTP player.

Then they introduced the boost in 1.7. All of my hard work and time was useless. I dropped from upper aviary to upper ruins. I lost so many trophies and even more battles. There were so many frustrating battles and battle periods.

My team was and still is solid but because I didn’t buy boost or use my free boost I was the handicap. Even if I did use my free boost I still would’ve hit the inevitable wall of someone out boosting me and losing.

This whole time Boost have been out I have never reached the trophy amount I was at prior to boost being released but I did end up getting close.

Now with boost 2.0 I’m at an all time high of 5328! I made it into the Lockwood library for the first time and I’m actually staying there and have steadily been increasing. I win way more than I lose. I am still 100% unboosted.

Now I’m able to defeat all the players who defeated me solely because of their Boosted dinos that had no business fighting my team. A level 16 boosted should never defeat a 25+ level creature unboosted. There’s too much investment opposed to you unlocking and boosting. Same goes for a Boosted 21 vs unboosted 25+ it was ridiculous.

So for me, there’s no more unholy abomination Thor coming through murdering my whole team in single shots or me having 1 turn the whole round. When I lose I’m not slaughtered, well maybe here or there.

The point is that the game is actually fun again after all these months of tortuous playing. So the loyal player that has played almost from day 1 every single day without missing can enjoy the game and it’s fair again. Even if I don’t use Boost. You can still pay to win but there’s some play involved now.

Here’s a recent pic of my team. Unboosted.

Here’s how I feel about the green supply drops.

1.10 was kind to me. The problems of lack of drops or reduced drops is not a problem because I am lucky to live in a literal mega island city. Nothing is out of reach if you have the time to ride the train to and fro.

The boost situation was fine since I had a plan and boosted accordingly. Still getting mulched by top players but it feels less like 1.7 and more like 1.6. You lose some you win some but you feel competitive.

Then… came… 120 timer for AI battle. Its Ludia’s solution to people speed opening arena incs and grinding arena. If there is 1 thing that made 1.10 worse than 1.7 its making arena less fun and more of a chore.


100% agree.

100% agree.

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Just got shafted by the 120s timer by giving me opponents i would have avoided if the timer was 30s.

I enjoyed 1.10 until yesterday

Map is broken and they are 100% promoting playing while driving. Parks have more or less been removed from the game. The alliance chat is more broken than ever. All dino spawns and event supply drops drastically reduced. Daily dinos are just about extinct. Matchmaking has never been more broken. Most of my matches are lvl 20 unboosted (me) VS lvl 26 boosted dinos. They ask us for our feedback, yet they refuse to give us any feedback on this terrible update.