Why are we ignored?

why is it that there is outcry about how broken this game has become yet nothing of major concern gets fixed. it doesnt even get addressed!

matchmaking is a mess. instead of fixing it Ludia just keeps pumping of purchasable boosts. Was the tactic to break the game and then expect players to pay real cash to re-balance and fix the issues via boosts?

i can only think this kind of behaviour and ignorance is deliberate. Ludia can’t claim to not know. yet they do nothing.

I used to love this game and now i struggle to even like it. 90% of the time the game leaves me feeling angry and frustrated. the joy has been sucked away of hit with a boosted rat lol.


I have asked them about matchmaking a number of times and no response ever. Even yesterday I believe it was ren that said they look at the civil criticism or comments. Something like that. I asked again civilly about the matchmaking and no response again. Let’s try again here…

Can one of you tell us if / when matchmaking will be fixed. Thanks.



They won’t. They don’t tell us anything.


it really is hard to not feel like this is deliberate in some way. designed to drive us towards purchases. if it isnt, why wouldnt they at least communicate with us?


I do not think the actual intention was to ‘break the game’. Although that is the consequence.

I believe it was a rushed idea. Brought up in an upper management meeting and with one or two subsequent smaller meetings, sent to the developers to code. They were given very little to go on so did the best they could within their given parameters.

I would hope the folks in QA had a few laughs over it. “Hey, check this out!!” kind of testing as they boost Thor to 10 and pit it against an unboosted crew. “It one-shots EVERYTHING!!”

Management: “How did UAT go on the boost thing?”

Testing crew: “Man, we had a BLAST with it!!”

Management: “Great, package it in the next release.”


I have heard that they will be tweaking matchmaking throughout this seasonal tournament. Will they actually do it though? Who knows. That’s what they claim though. My alliance has assisted them in collecting data regarding matchmaking and trophies, and we have given them every bit of info we have collected. Its up to Ludia to actually apply the changes that are needed now. The players have done all we can to help.


Tweaking? All they have to do is set it back to matchmaking by trophies like it was it the past.

And honestly I got to say. Your in apex predators. I know you weren’t involved in this but after the debacle from from the first tournament I am surprised ludia would take anything from your alliance. But again, everything is a flaw in the game here, no one ever circumvents the TOS.

can we not turn this post into attacking other teams etc.

let’s not lose sight of the fact that what really needs fixing is how Ludia handles things, how they fail to communicate, and how they are failing to fix a game that is incredibly broken.


I thought that was a glitch. Are they really updating that many times? I am getting this notification alot, everyday.

Despite what others say Id rather you continue to post you and the others from your alliance contribute to the overall community and even if i dont agree with everything sometimes its nice just to get a resonable perspective from another point of view.


But why don’t they do a poll? A good old in game poll to collect some real feedbacks from the community. They did it to know which are our favourite dinos in such a way to feature them in events, they did it for pterosaurs, for seasonal tournament and for swap - in abilities (before draco gen2 & dracocera though). Why don’t they do it for boosts (and matchmaking)? It’s the most game changing feature they’ve ever introduced, and they didn’t even want to know if it’s appreciated by the community or not. Be brave and face up to the reality, come on! We feel cheated!


Player with a maxed level 30 team goes into the arena and gets stomped by boosted lower level dinosaurs.
Player sees that buying boosts makes dinosaurs stronger so buys some.
Player wins a bit then gets beaten by higher boosted teams.
Player again buys boosts.
Player wins for a while but a new patch launches and adds a new meta dinosaur.
Patch nerfs players level 30 tyrant into garbage.
Player rages and buys coins and incubators to unlock and level the new dinosaur.

Rinse and repeat.


That would have been the most productive process to gauge the real attitudes towards matchmaking and boosts in general. You go to the entire sample to get feedback. You don’t handpick an alliance to be the voice for all players. There’s something about that setup that doesn’t sit well.


No they’re not, not at all. Just one major patch every few months and maybe 1 tiny one in the middle to fix the most urgent things.
The message you’re getting is nothing more than your game getting out of sync with the server, and basically needs to “refresh”, not update.


Mine does that a lot when I switch screens to claim the daily bonus bucks from their twitter posts. My screen freezes and I get the pop up telling me it needs to update. Their servers tend to be a little sensitive.


Dude, if you think they ignore you now, wait until you make a cash purchase and dont get your in game cash. You will see just how far the ignoring goes.


It’s all in the client code. It’s really not necessary to show this message. As you can see, behind the message the game keeps running normally. So practically all the message needs to do is disappear :slight_smile: It’s probably slightly more complicated than that, but the message popping up is unnecessary. It should just reconnect.
It also got a lot worse since 1.8. Before it was only there when you would tab into the game twice before the UI got active and released to the user during the first time. Now it’s almost every time you have a small connection issue or switch from wifi to 4g or so.

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A poll is only as good as the actual implementation I guess, imo I feel the game has reached (or is reaching) a pt where players don’t believe what they feedback will be seriously considered & implemented anymore, and it’s pretty sad. Here is the thread where I brought up this topic.

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Absolutely. Just read this forum and their social for a month now. The majority of threads are negative. The 1.8 wave last only a few weeks, now we are back to 1.7 negativity. And i don’t understand why devs don’t make themselves some questions if after two months of boost there is still this situation. The only thing that comes to mind is that they are silent about this hoping that people submit and accept the whole thing, even despite what customers think. This isn’t happened yet, and hopefully will never be


I don’t mind boosts as much as what they have done to my beloved Pachy xD boosts are boosts they will even out way later. I worry about new players though. However, a dino is most likely a permanent thing. So I hope an optional Pachy hybrid becomes available! Not this weird cenzoic thing.

Matchmaking and DC also are troublesome. But can be easily switched. I do agree they’re not as responsive as they should be to all these complaints etc.