Why are we ignored?

Of course most of the posts on forums are complaints, why would someone leave the game, create a forum account to post “Games running fine, nothing to report” =/

Its when players notice something that is wrong they come to the forums to find out why, otherwise why would they?

EDIT: Its like someone working as a cop goes home and says “Hunny there were nothing but reported crimes at work today! Why does nobody ever call the police to just say how their day is going and chat about the weather” lol


Actually I was in EBGames once and I was chatting to the staff member about gaming consoles, and the staff member said “Yeah we have had a lot of X console being brought back for repairs, they aren’t that great!”
To which I literally said “But who else would they return the console to claim on repairs from? and what about the 1 million that DONT return their consoles?”

The staff member smiled and said “Yeah I never thought about it like that before” lol

Edit: They are taking note of how many consoles/complaints there are, but not taking into account all the consoles that ARE working fine and nobody is complaining about.

Match making hasnt been touched yet, I was just matched up with someone who had a lvl 27 Thor that was boosted on top of that…that was after hitting fight AI and having the countdown restart…lost 50 trophies that match…grrrrrrr I’m tired of the arenas …my highest dino is lvl 24

When I was still using the arena I don’t think I have had AI work since 1.8 launched. I either get an opponent at 1 second to go (even 0 a few times which was rage inducing) or I click Fight AI and then it pops up saying “The match has timed out”…

The worse thing, for me, was nerfing the evasive skills!
Now, if you dodge an attack you’ll get damage anyway… Minor damage, but damage the same :weary::weary::weary:


Yep I know what u mean Stiffeno…am thinking of not going back in the arenas at all anymore, I lost 4 in a row this morning…oops make that 5 at this rate I should drop back into the ruins again after being in Lockwood for 2 weeks

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Yeah I’m waiting till they fix matchmaking and do something about rat, till then I just do towers and hunt.

And in the case it’s never fixed, well then there would be no urge to ever return to arena so it’s a non issue =)

Also an AI with no delay or separate boost disabled arena would get me back.

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I agree that the main purpose of forum is to collect complaints and similar. But until 1.7 half of this forum’s threads were about discussions, suggestions, advice, opinions and so on. Since 1.7 is not, people are way more frustrated than what they were until boosts. And i tell you this by an external position, as i still quite enjoy playing this game (not as before 1.7 i unfortunately have to admit) and i am still sure that if boosts are applied and implemented in a different way, they can still be the best thing that this game can offer. What people complains about is not the game itself or its features, is the devs’ behaviour about the whole thing: lack of clearness, no notes when they change something, no explanations regarding some core mechanics even if repetitevely asked (matchmaking), different things from what they say in notes (win/loss trophy range) and so on.
The fact is that this is a pay game, and people spend real money on it. And to be fair, this game is quite expensive. And when people spend money, they pretend, rightly, transparency and clearness about the product they are paying for. Regardless of whether they like it or not.


I like that idea alot…AI with no delay…I’d be very happy


Yeah as paying customers it’s fair to expect complaints about a product or service.

I think half the repetitive posts would be unnecessary if the dev’s simply posted saying “We acknowledge the issue” that’s it…but they stay silent so we think they either didn’t see it or doubt care, either way is bad.

They need to communicate with us more.


Uh huh, before we had a better chance at winning the battle cuz we built up our dinos just to have them nerfed this version…1.8 that is…my poor Indo that I spent so much time on hunting dna and real money on incubators and scents…its upsetting for sure…

AP giving information and trying to help Ludia to make the game better… I’m sorry, but that doesn’t sound good at all… That could explain the direction the game has taken and all the unnecessary nerfs and buffs and well if it gets worse than this and even more unfair at least now I know why. So thank you for that info.

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I actually posted a meme in the memes thread with a picture of a chicken saying - I hear you once hunted Raptors for a year…well I bought boosts


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I’ve never once been given the option to fight an AI while waiting for a match up. Is this only available to vip, because even when I was vip I was never given the option to fight an AI. Before I unloaded the app from my phone I was level 19 and still was never given the option for AI. Am I missing something?

It starts when you hit 4000 trophies, it’s not enabled under that trophy count.

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Your team and experience with arena sounds like mine xD Do you sometimes feel like a fodder for lvl 26-28 teams? xd

I could surely level my dino passed 24 though but I keep them here. Get scared of what leveling might do to me.

When I leveled my Tenon from 23 to 24 ALL Thor I faced from 127 speed to 135.

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Yes so I will not be doing it till they fix it. And I agree, some of the complaints we keep going because we get no recognition from them. Just occasional mod says we’re listening.

I’m in fodderville too with my team already this is not even a lvl 28 but I’m going to start snapping screens in case Ludia doesn’t believe. Ludia come on down to the ‘balanced fodder zone’. Where we battle players in Aviary, yet can’t get there because mismatches. And watch lvl 21 teams go up to aviary xd


What I know for sure is this ,
The mods on this forum never comment on a complaint that we make about anything other than not being able to play for connection reasons , or not being able to make a purchase .
Issues like the rat , matchmaking , and gameplay are always ignored .
What I would love to see is the person from Ludia who thought the rat would be a good idea to come on here and say why he or she thought so .
Also the person from Ludia who figured adding boosts would be a good idea could explain the mess they have created , and why they thought they would work .
I won’t hold my breath …


Thank you. It’s been at least a week since I’ve played. I have found my sanity has benefited from it. I do miss the game though. I do however love to see all the comments on how the game is severely broken. It makes my decision to leave the game for now more valid.