Why are we ignored?

All we did was collect data on trophies won and lost and what players trophy counts were for each of those. Also tracked the time it takes to find opponents for certain trophy counts. Stuff like that. You might even say that we had something to do with the trophy payouts being changed from 10-50 to 20-40. We did work that they should be paying someone to do, but we did it for FREE because we want the game fixed. We have no advantage from this. We want a fair, balanced game like everyone else. We have nothing to do with creature balancing and nerfs/buffs. Every suggestion we have for that gets posted publicly in this forum. Consider this the last info you’ll ever get from me.


I’ll never forget your detective work with identifying spoofers @TheMaxx
I appreciate the info you’ve provided to us, and to Ludia on our behalf.
Thanks :ok_hand:t2:


Hey all, we appreciate honest opinions. However, a reminder that inappropriate language will not be tolerated. Let’s not make the thread personal.


Hey Ren , any chance we could hear from those responsible for the mess that matchmaking has become ?
Or the ones responsible for the boosts that no one wanted ?
Or the rat and it’s ridiculous op moveset ?
Because as much as moderation relating to animosity to each other , bad language etc… is appreciated , the original thread and so many others seem to be overlooked every time !


When I suffered massive burnout around patch 1.4 or 1.5 I quit the game, but after I think it was 6 months I was missing the game so came back.

It was awesome to be back, so fun and leaving the game had breathed new life into it for me!

Then 2 weeks later 1.7 launched -_-!

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I respect you guys for trying to help to improve the game, but you do realize it would only take a few hours time of an intern to make the tools to extract such data, right?

If they’re not even willing to do THAT, I’m afraid your efforts are pointless. It would probably take a similar amount of time to make sense of your data. And why would they? It doesn’t make them any money. All they need to do to make money is put a diplodocus incubator in the store or have another 20k cash boost sale (or 200k cash if they want).

The best REAL way to help speed up some changes is for your alliance to stop rewarding Ludia for destroying the game.


We were willing to do the work whether they put our findings to use or not. If they were willing to listen, we were willing to tell what we found. If 5% of what we did helps them fix any part of the game, it was worth it.
And on the subject of money, i can say that i have only been spending $10 a month for however many months now. The last thing i bought was raptor scents and i don’t even remember when that was. Around Halloween maybe? I can’t say what other people are spending because i have no clue and that’s their business.


I’ve seen you say that, that’s why I said about AP as a whole, not you personally.

(Not to say that rewarding them even $10 a month is doing any good.)

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I have no control over what anyone else does. $10 a month does me some good because i can reach more strike events from my couch. It’s worth it to me.


Yep. I had a team of 21/23’s that got to Aviary the other week. Now I’m 24/25’s and I’ve only just fought my way back up into Lockwood. Its ludicrous.


Sure, I don’t doubt every spender has some rationalization for it.

As a result Ludia doesn’t feel too pressed to fix speed ties, connection issues, speed ties, year old bugs, speed ties; introduce saveable teams or other popular community requests like fixing speed ties; communicate at all, or even properly roll back the unlimited boost exploit.

Almost forgot, with their schedule filled tight with counting your money they still haven’t found the 10 man-minutes required to at least make speed ties random.


I think we can all agree that Ludia is a horrible company. Especially after reading those employee reviews.

Any company should want to fix issues with their game to have a happier player base, continuous new players and to encourage people to want to spend money on it.

Ludia is running this game into the ground. We have lost many high ranked and respected players and many more are getting close to leaving.

I suggest we riot until they sell the game to a company that will actually fix everything we have been asking for. Just kidding… Kinda


This is how all of us on here think .
Ludia give us a forum , and we come on here thinking someone at Ludia will be listening to our concerns , and that by explaining them on here it will make a difference .
The reality is that it won’t , and it’s a complete waste of time hoping that it will . Clearly no one at Ludia gives a monkeys what we say on here .
It’s good that we have the opportunity to vent on here , but that’s it .
I’ve been in here for almost a year now , and I’ve vented as much as anyone . I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to realise this simple fact though .


id like to think that my petition to stop everyday boosts sales actually played a role in that.

they also listened when apex fake boycotted lol.

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It’s a crying shame they didn’t listen to the outcry pre boost that said it would be the ruination of the game .
They couldn’t have sold the boosts every day as the whales would have bought enough to level up to 10 on everything in no time , thus not spending any more money . Doing it the way they are means that carrot being dangled for longer , keeping the spending going for longer in the vain attempt to be just that little bit better .
It used to be that we would go out hunting for Dino dna every day and night because we wanted to make our dinos better . Now if you raise the dino level you will drop trophies ! Add boosts to a lower level Dino and you’ll climb ! The very ethos of the game has been taken away and replaced with the boosts .


The matchmaking is a dealbreaker. It ruins the entire game. There is no excusing it. I hope they fix it…quickly…for everyone’s sake because it makes the game unplayable. Go on about DC and Thor and whatever else you can control to some extent…this is 100X worse. Boosts have nothing to do with it except they make a broken equation more obvious


Is this game messed up as well? Warriors of Waterdeep has so many issues. Maybe Ludia games should be boycotted?

I wish someone would tell me how they work out the matchmaking . I may be wrong by suggesting it has become worse since boosts were added , but that’s how it seems to me . It kind of made sense when it was based on trophy level in my mind .

Boosts amplified a new, terrible, non sensical equation that creates weird tiers. It’s a hot mess

I wish I could help you but no one can honestly


It made 10x more sense based on trophy. This rounded out well where you battled teams actually at your strength. Instead of rng calculating the strengths which does a horrible job.

Our position in the arena was a lot more accurate by playing and seeing where your wall was. Now it’s like the rng raises the wall every time you progress your dinos. Likely to cause you to drop lower. Unless you are the lvl 28 teams facing us fodder lvl 24.

Back in 1.6 if you improved your team you would see results right away. And climb up some trophies, instantly motivated to progress more.

In 1.8 the rng calculates your team and finds the “closest competitor” even if they’re in an arena above you, and its madness. From my experience leveling up or boosting doesn’t help. It makes me battle even more beasts each time. I can lvl my dinos more but i’m hindered to do it now.