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Why are y'all so bad at this

This is stupid. Strike tower spawns have been decreasing or non existent. I’ve missed out on boost strike towers and regular towers. That’s the only way I get boosts. You should be able to walk around your neighborhood and get all the towers not travel miles for it. The only thing I see is you are doing this on purpose so ppl spend money. I haven’t seen an epic outside of an event for weeks. You need to give the license of the game to a more competent company. Also your version of micro transactions are a joke. Make an update that actually addresses the problems of the game.

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You could get boost out of the daily battle incubators and regular battle incubators. Now the other points are good, but you should be getting the same boost we do.

There are days when I stay home that I cannot even see a particular strike event and would not know it existed without checking the schedule.


Spoiler Alert: Lydia has a secret agreement with gasoline companies so that we drive everywhere


LOL! Makes me wonder why they even bothered changing “Move Closer” to “Walk Closer” when you tap on anything that’s too far away. They should’ve left it like it was, as there’s no way you’re maxing out supply drops unless you’re walking all day long. Driving, biking, or riding anything else with wheels is much more efficient.

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Biking won’t do it either, unless motorbiking. I literally spent 3.5 hrs biking and could not finish the event.
No game should require actual driving to complete! Event drops and towers are now so spread out as if Ludia is purposely pissing off the players and testing our will to quit the game. Why keep fixing things to make them worse?


Sadly you answered your own question. To make you spend more money. This seems to be the only thing Ludia focus on these days to the detriment of enjoyment. Maybe one day they will realise the equation is backwards and making the game fun and fair will entice people to pay for fairly priced store items or VIP, instead of trying to find new ways to pushing people to pay way over the odds. And maybe pigs will fly.