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Why are you being so unfair, Ludia?


Local spawn zone 4 is at a great disadvantage… It is the only local that has no dinos required to fuse end game uniques… In the analysis below, I have included Dracoceratops, which is not unique, but is a Tyrant tier dino and is featured on most top player teams…

Dilophosaurus - - > Diloracheirus
Deinoheirus - - > Diloracheirus
Sinoceratops - - > Utarinex
Sinoceratops - -> Thoradolasaur
Kentrosaurus - - > Trykosaurus

Ouranosaurus - - > Diloracheirus
Pyroraptor - - > Magnapyritor
Dracorex - - > Utarinex
Dracorex G2 - - > Dracoceratops

Erlikosaurus - - > Erlidominus
Dimetrodon - - > Magnapyritor
Tuojungosaurus - - > Tuoramoloch
Triceratops - - > Dracoceratops

Parasaurolophus - - > Tuoramoloch
Gryposuchus - - > Grypolyth

To recap, L4 gets one ingredient for the weakest usable unique, Tuoramoloch, and one ingredient for a unique that can’t hold its own even in arenas as low as Sorna Marshes, Grypolyth… Please do some justice, Ludia, give us some decent dinos in L4…

The balance of the Areas

You’re 100% right @Anthony_Papadopoulos, L4 is irrefutably the worst local.

Obviously JWA is a game meant for players to move around and travel, but the vast majority will spend their time in 2 locals (home and work/school). This puts those players at a huge disadvantage.

I’ll be honest, if I lived or worked in L4, I wouldn’t even bother opening the game.


i feel ya bro. i live in L4. dont forget rajasaur–>diorajasaur


Why is it that I see nothing but Diplocaulus? I have over 10k DNA on the roach. I get it with every scent even Epic and it is not just one time. It is about 6 times and the rest are somewhat useful dinos.


also. nodapatotitan and spinotosuchus, suchotator come out of here aswell.


As someone who lives in l4 it is ridiculous. When the game first came out it was also the worst zone by far. Then they migrated a couple of things and it became middle of the pack. Now they removed ankylosaurus and made it the worst zone again.

The kicker to me however are the patch notes from 1.6 the patch that moved anky.
" Migration and World Balancing

  • In the previous update, we started to take into consideration the value of each creature when doing the world balancing. In this update, we also considered the value of the hybrids that can be created from them."

It is obvious that they didn’t take into consideration the value of hybrids because l4 went from 3rd to way behind 4th. That one note actually angered me when i read it.


That means ur in L3


Ah so I live in a void. Lol


Yeah they must be hating on us L4 players. Only realising irritator out as night spawn can relieve the pain. :smile:

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Where do you know in witch level do you live…

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I moved to an L4…and the city centre is L4 as well. I can only get anything decent on the metro or bus, or from my first four months when I was playing in a borderland of mixed zones 1 & 3. I miss that…


You’re right, bro, forgot Rajasaurus, probably because Diorajasaur isn’t even an option… I mean who in his/her right mind would spend Ankylosaurus DNA when it’s needed to fuse Tryko… Besides, I was talking about end game dinos and Diorajasaur is not on any top teams…

And Allosaurus, I see more in L3 than L4… Should’ve put it there… :slight_smile:


Feel you , live in L4 and work in L3 but can’t play a lot there. Tired of darting suchomimus specially when I dont use suchotator.


i dont want to make this a dioraj thread in any way lol. but if anky was plentiful there would be some lvl 30 dioraj out there. before trykos buff and introduction of other uniques, dioraj was on a few top teams. currently the highest team ive seen with it is ranked 18 rn.

im all for bettering L4 but i also have access to all locals so im not complaining. i do wish that they would let park spawns also spawn in their own locals aswell, just more frequently at parks.

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My local 3 used to be the worst, but besides the ever present green diplocaulus it’s now quite decent.

I actually visit L4 a lot to farm suchomimus for my 29 Suchotator and parasaurolophus for my 29 Tragodistis :slightly_smiling_face:


DeLana: You don’t have to farm Suchominus. I live and work in L4. Anytime a team member ask for Suchominus, it’s filled within 2 minutes (by me or other unlucky team members). If I want to give my Sucho, I have to stay in the game, and watch every 5 seconds in case somebody ask for it. I swear, I managed to give so much that there’s a guy in my alliance that likely have a level 25 Suchotator, and never went to L4. (He is always asking only for Sucho and Irri Gen 2 which I also give plenty)


well let’s make a simple calcul about the easiest recipe to do,the commons!
all ranks have been decided on metahub tier list:
About :Z1:
Majungasaurus ->majungasuchus (scavenger)
Dimetrodon gen2->monolometrodon (alpha1)
Deinocheirus ->da unique thing which is op and not easy to obtain (tyrant)

about Z2:
Einiasaurus->einiasuchus (alpha2)
Euoplocephalus->Armagocephalus (survivor)

About Z3:
Allosaurus->Allosinosaurus (not easy obtainable with sino) (apex2)
Triceratops gen2->dracoceratops (tyrant)
Diplocaulus gen2->diplotator (beta)

About Z4:
Suchomimus:->suchotator (apex2)
Parasaurolophus:->paramoloch (considering stygimoloch kind of easy obtainable throught incubator) (alpha1)
monolophosaurus gen2->monolometrodon (alpha1)

So clearly,with nundasuchus and irritator spawning everytime,we should have these 4 which should be the same strenght:
majungasuchus (scavenger)
but clearly its not the case,so next update please,because they are ALL common and really easy to obtain,make these 4 the same strenght,its not fair

and then
Z1 and 4->monolometrodon (alpha1)
Z2 and 3 -> dracoceratops(tyrant )
The same but the thing is worst!
Not only both are easiest legendaries to obtain trought commons!
But the difference of lvl between these 2 creature is huge!!!
So you have 2 choices:make monolometrodon competitive to dracoceratops (which is actually not the case) or else nerf dracoceratops by far!

For moment,Z1 with majungasuchus and monolometrodon is the worst zone for the beginners,so give them a chance in your next update ludia!

btw:i didn’t count the park with the purrolyth hybrid composed of lytronax and purrusaurus:considered as the worst:
-the only not common creature to be a carcass
so,it would be nice to think about this guy,not even a simple powerup would be enough


Oh yeah, I love your idea! Give L4 Irritator!


Give us back Ankylosaurus

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Yes. I do love Gryposuchus though, so if anything it’s Koolasuchus who should be vanquished into the Shadow Realm.