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Why Are You Complaining About Pro and Draco?

I’m guessing that’s because they are the only two the overly boosted, cash heavy teams can’t eat with one bite.

Boo hoo.

Indo after indo after thor after tyko eats my team with one bite. It must be such an inconvenience to have to use four bites instead of three to kill a whole team.

Or if I get super lucky and get Pro and Draco on the same team I have a 50% of winning.

No sympathy here.

Not that you have to worry because I don’t provide ludia with enough money for them to listen to me.

you want to start winning more often? then i suggest you drop the normie crutch rats and replace them with basically anything else


I dont care that draco comes in and does what he does, that’s not a problem at all. The problem is the kit. Alot of times it’s not just one hit. Its healing and swapping back in. If you dont pull a counter then you’re getting hit by draco 2 or 3 times in a match and not only is that not fun it’s just brainless.

As far as procer is concerned, it’s not too bad, just needs an hp nerf. With evasive as good as it is and not that many counters for it…the health makes it have huge staying power coupled with the distraction moves oh and its immune, super speedy and can nullify what is the downside??? I’m not even gonna mention the rarity :rofl:


Boosts are the problem. More specifically speed boosts. There honestly should be no way that Thor or tryko be faster then spyx or erlidom. The increases for every stat boost are way too much


To be honest, if tyko is eating your team with one bite and draco and predera both together are only giving you a 50% chance then you have leveled too high in the arena for your team. The rat has a way of ratting players to a higher win count than the rest of a player’s team can support. Sorry but your going to have to level your team or drop in rank. Ratting the ranks is not like it used to be.