Why are you flagging the truth?

Title says it all. Why?


I won’t be surprised if this thread will also get flagged

Was it flagged for trolling or something?
Anyway, the thread was closed for Necroposting. It’s made clear that that’s what will happen in the forum rules.


The best 2 updates were 1.6 and 1.9. 1.7 was the worst.

The truth is pre-1.7 was the best period of the game…Actually between 1.6 and 1.7. April Fools, St Pats, alliance missions and community events. Then Ludia messed up with boosts and bad decisions.


Because this clown show is ruled with an iron fist.


Necroposting probably. Good, tbh. I hate seeing those old threads pop up.

e: just checked, it was necroposting. Put down the pitchforks yall

What is necroposting?

Posting in a very old topic to bring it back to the top.

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I know why the thread was closed. I don’t know why the post is flagged. What’s wrong with that statement? For me it’s just the truth, nothing more.

People don’t want people reposting on an old thread and bumping it back up to the top, so they flag the post to let the mods know. That’s all.