Why are you removing supply drops?

The game already has so many annoyances that had me questioning whether to continue playing, and now you’ve removed several supply drops from my area making it significantly worse. I’m giving it a little more time to see if this improves, but I’ll definitely be done with this game if one more is removed. As it is, the game is practically unplayable in the current state.

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Hey Cionaoith, I’m sorry to hear that the Supply Drops around your area have changed locations. Supply Drops and Strike Events can change locations based on Points of Interest and real-world data information taken from an external provider.

As this is done automatically, our team can’t make specific points appear or disappear. However, I can definitely pass your feedback regarding the Supply Drop distribution back to our team!

Today is the third day in a row that I have had exactly 1 strike in my area. The game is broken in its current state because of the supply drop removals. This needs to be fixed.

Every time they update them they remove some from my circle as well as ones that are in view. A local park went from about 8 to 4.

So, with precisely zero strikes in my area, and apparently no ability (or maybe no desire) on Ludia’s part to keep this game playable, I intend to uninstall the game tomorrow. It’s a shame, since the game used to be fun, but let’s face it, it’s mostly just an annoyance now. And, since I was the last person playing in my city (possibly in the state), they can go ahead and remove all the supply drops now.