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Why aren’t there any raptor hybrids?


By raptor I mean Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo. I figured there would be one by now considering they’re all not as strong as the OG velociraptor, and had a big part in the movie (I’m guessing, haven’t seen it). I just never have much care for getting their DNA because none of them have a hybrid. sigh hopefully they’re planning on making them! :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

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Yup. My point exactly. What are they for?
To be honest they’re kinda useless… not the fastest… not much damage… not op…

Yeah dont invest. Lol

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Perhaps because they are already unique. Each one of them has different skills and “personality”. I hope they never become ingredients, it would be mad.

There are lots of raptor hybrids already. I-rex, Indominous, all rinex family, all piro family…


And you HAVE to watch the movie :wink:

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True… didn’t think about that…


Mix them all together and you get Alpha… Aka Cris Pratt. His only move is to jump out of the bushes and yell at the enemy that they are moving too fast.


Well maybe that’ll slow down velociraptor…

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What I wanna know is, why isn’t there any unique raptor? Other than Indoraptor. There’s a lot of potential for a unique raptor.


Yeah they’re all different but they kinda suck (Blue’s the only decent one) I barely see anyone using them anymore, just OG raptor. I feel like they should at least give them more power or something, they just get left back in the dust and forgotten about.


I’ve discovered they’re fun to play with in lower arenas! :+1:


I may be firmly entrenched in my own little corner of Badlands and nowhere near the leaderboard but this clever girl has saved my hide on more than one occasion. It’ll be a sad day if I ever bench her.

More often that, my Nodopatosaurus is positioned just so for the impact and run to bring her out. And it’s wonderful when it works in my favor.

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Yeah I saw them on occasion in lower arenas, actually people would have a few of them on their team.


The real question is why are three of them even here when they got blown to bits (Charlie) and rekt by Indominus (Echo & Delta)?


Probably because they are specific Dino’s and they don’t want to contradict the movies


Well Indominus didn’t make it beyond the first JW either… not alive anyways. :smiley:

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Although Delta is 1 point slower than the common Velociraptor and does just a little less damage, she has more health and with the ability to Impact and Run on her second turn giving her the ability to attack on the way out and come in again later with a first move pounce against almost every dinosaur I think she is just a little bit better than the common raptor. Now as far as her “sisters” are concerned it’s debatable whether any of them with their extra ability are any better than the common or not.


Good to know, thanks! Just feel like these sister raptors would be really good recipes for hybrids, maybe something with their speed and pounce and then the special ability too. I mostly see Blue in battles but I figure that’s because she’s the epic out of the bunch.


I dont think they will get a hybrid except maybe for indoraptor gen 2 with blue +i. Rex because contrast to other dinos in the game, these 4 are names of spesific dinos while others are the names of the species. Indoraptor gen 2 was henry wu s main objective so its a possibility but other than that i dont think we will ever see a hybrid for owens raptors

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Pretty sure Charlie is only one worth powering(though as its a raptor and they got nerfed 6 feet deep an age ago so don’t!) he is a higher damage Utah raptor!