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Why arena matchmaking should be 100% trophy based

Matchmaking was changed to the current iteration because people complained about droppers, it didn’t fix the issue. The fix made arena worse.
When you pick opponents through an algorithm, or computer based code, there is a built in bias. Intended or not, there will be a bias. Creatures are given a strength index which is added together to make a total team strength value. Unless the creature strength index is calculated by assuming all possible outcomes, there will be certain matches it is over or under valued.

Computer code determines how you are matched. Unless it perfectly matches exact values, which is highly unlikely due to number of online players, there will be a bias. The code must account for this, which explains why we get streaks. It’s not a fair or balanced system.

This system also allows for lower level teams at say 1500 trophies to never be matched with higher level teams at the same 1500 trophies, creating multiple levels of competition at the same trophy count. For example, you could have teams consisting of all common level 6 creatures at 1500 trophy count that will never compete against someone at 1500 trophies that had an all legendary level 20 team. This is to the extreme and for illustrative purposes only…but I’ve experimented with and observed this effect. It exists.
If we base arena matchmaking solely on trophy count, team strength will ultimately win out and be the basis for standings.

Arena droppers will always exist. Identifying them and blocking them requires other methods.

If it could be achieved while ensuring you faced appropriate level/strength teams then I would be all for it. For now though the current systems works across most levels of the Arena.

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It’ll sort itself out in short order.
Respectfully disagree that it’s fine in it’s current form.
It’s also not fair to those with low level teams at high trophy counts. They tend to believe they are ready to go into library, only to find how extremely mismatched they really are when they enter the realm of true trophy count.