Why aren't there critical heals?

Because I think there should be a chance to heal critically. Now, as heals are based on attack power and can be highened by attack buffs, making them able to crit makes sense. This would also allow healers to actually benefit from crit chance buffs, making them more useful than they’re now. And raids would become slightly easier with a chance to heal more. What do you think?


yup,i though about that few times ago and it should make sense

Heals should crit. Its not liek we have a bunch of creatures with super high crit chances. As someone who uses tenontorex I’d love it of its 20% crit chance applied to its heal

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Yeah that sounds awesome, would be good for raids too.

Once again, NO.


This was such a pain to battle!

Its worse when it’s a Dio with 6k+ health!

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For the love of all that is good, NO.
Don’t need Tenonto crit-healing.
5% crits are bad enough… don’t need a 5% crit-heal from a Grypo.


It’s a boost problem. Encountering a huge, overboosted monster means nothing, as balancing should be done at lvl26 unboosted. And Tuora isn’t op in such enviroment.

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It wouldn’t not make sense for this to be a thing, but I don’t think it’s needed.

Now remember that all healers that have a crit chance over 5% are Posto (not a problem), Tryo (not a problem) and Tenrex (may be a problem).
Tenrex alone isn’t a reason to not let this change happen. If he would be too strong with a chance to heal critically (but he probably wouldn’t), then nerf his stats a bit for exchange.

Now the rest of healers have 5% crit. It means in arena the chance for this to happen are minimal. Even if it happened, it’s still only 25% more powerful heal. This happens with literally every damage ability so it really wouldn’t be that bad.

Because as I said, it’s not meant to change arena but raids. Buffed crit chance would let this change shine. It would help us all in raiding. Is a 5% chance to heal slightly more in arena a too big price for that?


Then ask to nerf BOOSTS, not ask for crit heals.

I know its a boost problem, it’s always going to be a boost problem.

But that isn’t the goal of this suggestion thread. We’re not trying to make boosted Tuoras easier to deal with, we’re talking about the pros and cons of heal crits. That would be a topic for another thread.

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I agree with that. Critical heals would not be a big issue in Arena where we have so many other major issues anyway. Would be quite useful in raids though, if they work correctly. HOWEVER keep in mind that probably means bosses could crit with healing abilities too, which may be catastrophic in some cases.

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Tuora isnt the only one that’s a problem. Dilora is another bad one. Been 3-0 before by a Dilora with 6k+ health, 2k+ attack and over 140 spd.

All because it’ll literally out heal you to death.

What’s the relation between these 2? Because I don’t see any. Boosts should be changed (ideally an unboosted arena) and crit heals should be introduced

Those healers are pretty easy with chompers or high damage cunnings. Raid beast healers don’t tend to work so well in the arena

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You literally said it was a boost problem.

Yes, crazy Tuora is. Nothing to do with crit heals.

Cause if you encounter a crazy Thor, will you say fierce don’t need a buff?

That’s still a boost problem, just like Tuora. There’s no point in having this thread make an about-face to try and fix the one problem almost everyone agrees is a problem, instead of just continuing with this new discussion. You can do that with a different thread, but it doesn’t make sense to change the subject of this one.

Its still relevant. Because how many unboosted healers are you going to encounter in higher arenas? Not many.

Its bad enough that the healers with emergency heals can heal nearly all their health, add a crit heal on top of that and it will heal their whole health bar.

Even then, an unboosted crit heal would most likely heal them completely. All it’s doing is prolonging the battle and making it more frustrating.

The only way I’d be even remotely OK with critical heals is of they were raid only.