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Why Be a Leader


Why Be a Leader?

You get the stress of trying to manage a bunch of uncoordinated team members who want everything handed to them except for a few who really help out and try to build it up with no tracking tools to figure out who is really contributing or not and with seriously flawed communication. So you have to do like I did if you really care about the alliance and develop your own tools and supplement it with things like discord. But if you have a bunch of extra time on your hands go for it! I created my alliance and we are now 50 strong and having a blast once we got a bunch of dedicated players. Of course there is always fine tuning but that will always be true.



I hope ludia will work on improving alliance next update!there is a lot of work to do there


I had to create an Excel spreadsheet with all the members, their trophies, and each day of the week I’ve either seen them, they requested, or their trophies changed. I have to update it when I wake up and before I sleep so I can tell who has been on while I’m not in game and checking it. It’s tedious, but I’ve been doing it for two weeks now and the alliance is now full of only active members. I copy the current sheet to start a new week then just erase the X’s showing the days of the week they have played.

The developers definitely overlooked an very important part of leading an alliance by not including the date last seen for each player. They also removed the notification in chat for when a player joins or leaves, which we need. They are adding in a bunch more things now which are interesting but I’d rather they stop and fix the major bugs. Half the time we can’t even scroll in chat or send a message. Then they have the nerve to not even allow us to say the word Discord in chat. It’s ridiculous!


I have built a similar spreadsheet that I update often and sounds like we track similar items, trophy count, level, request for DNA, if other members telle, when they donate, challenge request. It is work but it does help in creating a better team and kind of gives justification for trimming the fat. Not that I have to, it’s my alliance. But in all fairness I respect everybody’s opinion and put everything up for discussion on discord for my team. It has created a good atmosphere where it is a team working to help each other not a bunch of people just trying to grab for personal gain.



I never understand why Ludia make it do hard to be a leader. There is no tool whatsoever to help the leader to monitor alliance activities. You wondered why there are so many leaders just gone MIA or want to join another alliance lol.


Wow I haven’t done a spreadsheet or gone into anything that deep. I just watch the request. I tell my alliance to share dna if asking for it. Then if you give you say “Phil - max” I have it where they communicate who donated what. Of course not all do it. So I also look at the messages and who I receive from. When missions worked I looked at the top contributors. I also look at trophies and player level. I want active players so I look for levels 10 and up. Removing lower level or non active first.

Tools to help with who donated and who is active would be nice. Something as simple as a last log in like mentioned would be nice.


This is a picture of my tracking sheet. (Not showing names) The red will be booted as new requests come. It shows how many days since any change in trophy’s, levels or dino line-up.

We really need some sort of tools or just a “last logged in date” added. An “Auto-Remove” after a set ‘X’ amount of days not logged in would be the best.


Another thing I suspect in our alliances is some of our people are second accounts only used to supply DNA to primary ones. I don’t mind if they are playing both. I actively play 2 accounts but don’t use them to supply each other as I am working on leveling the same dino’s on each. I just got my Indoraptor on my 2nd account with zero help from my first because I am working on leveling my indoraptor on my primary one. I’m a cheapskate with myself… :rofl:

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Alt accounts are definitely a handicap to an alliance. Each person can only can only play a limited no of hours max. With one alt i acc n addition to the primary, contribution by each acc is halved.


Totally agree. They seem to have stopped donating to me all together because I’m the leader and should be giving to them.

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Also, keeping in mind that multiple accounts I believe is against the TOS or Fair Play Agreement


simple monitoring tools as @Phil mentioned below, even a last log in field would be really helpful



I’ve really enjoyed being a leader of my little alliance. Started off just me then 1 other. eventually 5 joined n we worked together to make it what it is today. Totalling 16 members it’s not very big but we’ve had a lot of people join in a short amount of time making it hard to track who is good for the alliance n who should be given a fair warning then if no change booted. Any sort of tools ludia can give us to track everyone’s progress and contributions would help a ton in growing our alliance.


This is AMAZING. How are you tracking the 1-8 dinos? I am guessing the numbers are the levels but what if they swap out?


personally, I track the dinos simply by the level. you could do types as well but the goal is simply to detect activity. if you always record the same way i.e top row left to right is 1-4 and bottom row left to right is 5-8 you will get a good idea if there us activity along if all the other methods have failed such as player level, trophies, rank, dotation requests, or alliance goal major contributors. you see, most players will be trying to increase theee dino levels in the eight, if they do swap say a level 21 for another 21, there is a good chance they did some other juggling and the order might be different. or if its a new dino it will probably come on their team lower than the one its replacing.

it should be kept in mind that you are trying to detect micro indicators of activity so the member might not be abgood asset anyway if that is your only basis of how long sonce they were active. thatvis when communication comes in or simply we have to move on. i have anout 5 slots evidentally I need to fill now based om what tracking has provided me.



How do you know when they were last active?


you have to update and compare your data on your spreadsheet often then note the changes and what date you observed the change on, or if you see them online record the date then. here is my spread that i use there are formulas that do comparisons and macros to automatebas much as i could. it is very similar to OrionDestiny’s in fields. there are other sheets to enter or present the data for what i want to do with it!