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Why being so cruel

Is it really necessary to show Compsognathus eating goat’s eyes…

Why yes… yes it is!
and I’m kinda happy they did it, wouldn’t have asked for it but happy with it, shows that even the tiny little things can be dangerous and cruel like every other thing in the game and in real life


It’s not necessary, there are kids playing this game, they will learn soon enough that life could be cruel!

The current animation is better than what it could have been if your worried about gore. They could have included that one compy pulling out a strip of meat. I think its fine, if its the blood they can just turn that off in the settings, and its not really too noticeable for the first few times you see it. And there are worse animations, like the large pterasaurs or raptors or sneks
and I am not sure a kid who couldn’t handle gore would be a fan of these dinosaurs or the franchise much since we’ve seen blood spilled on screen and all
and besides, they’re “animals” and that’s what they do!


Have you ever seen a nature documentary before?


And? I saw Jurassic Park as a kid. Dinosaurs that are carnivores eat meat. Idk what that has to do with the cruelness of the world?


It’s not a Nature documentary, it’s a game, not necessary to show that stuff…

Why isn’t it necessary? It’s a game about realistic Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat. Some eat meat. That’s like being upset about the fact that we shoot darts at the dinosaurs bc it’s “cruel”


It’s mentioned in the game that the darts are harmless so then it seems important to show that creatures are not harmed but elsewhere in the game it’s OK if their eyes are gouge out!!!

You know they based the feeding off of real life animals right.


you can literally see the eye is still in-tact its fine, its animals feeding, what’s wrong with that??? not to mention its not a dinosaur and its just a goat, which are used to feed rexy whenever we’ve seen her, and they feed every other thing in the game that eats meat, other than gen 2’s


And what about using Dinosaurs to fight each other, literally killing them in the process? The crit animation even has blood splatters.


Real life animals, sure, like the hybrids… Anyway, personally, I just hate cruelty…

They are not killed just KO and at least blood splatters can be turn off

so these KO’d creatures are basically killed? you see their health bar go down to 0 which equals death

fun fact: you can turn blood off and this game has a 17+ rating.


It’s not cruelty, it’s just natural selection.


Yea. All the peolpe that died in JP:LW are saying “I had worse!”


My only problem with the feeding animation is that basicly all carnivores get a goat
I mena yeah sure for snakes and tyranosaurids which just swalow it (tho i kinda doubt a tyranosaurid could)
But for gorgons, and the kittys, just idk i feel like it kinda makes no scense to kill it take 1 bite out and thats it

Besides as people have said, u can turn off blood, or look away and mute ur device for a few seconds.
But still it’s just a game, i mean people in Ark mass slaughter baby creatures if they don’t have the right mutation and i’ve seen no one have a problem with that, everyone knows it’s just a game

Also the argument “there are kids playing this game” can apply if ur talkin like 8 or lower (and i think those would need parental permision).
I heavily doubt that somone in the 10-16 range would have problems with it, especialy as it’s not a huge part of the game

Plus remember this game is based off JP, didn’t a raptor die getting stabed or something


The fact is that I don’t like that and I have the right to say it, period…