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Why boosts are bad (again) and what to do with them

I know that there must be hundreds of topics about boosts and why they are not the best feature for the game, but I’d like to sum up my vision of the problem. And I have an idea how to save JWA from this disease.

Boosts kill core gameplay
At least gameplay of hunting dinos and collecting DNA. Since you’ve leveled up all your team to 30 there’s no more need for the base gameplay. That leads to the point that a player doesn’t need a VIP account anymore, a player doesn’t want to buy scents, a player doesn’t need coins. That leads to the point that the company loses revenue from the game. So many features and resources go useless, but getting your team full of 30 dinos doesn’t mean the end of the game.

Boosts kill progression
It’s mostly connected to the previous point, but the point is that in most games late-game requires a very high activity to progress. Take any MMORPG. The higher level you are the more you have to grind to progress. And that makes sense, that gives a player sense of progression, that’s the base thing for any game. Progression. What do we have here with the boosts? All you have to do is to get a daily battle incubator, do 3 boost strikes per week and spin some green SD. It takes about 30 minutes per day. All extra time a top-player wants to play goes worthless. New dinos don’t make much sense and here we go to the next point.

You’re stuck with only dinos in your team
Before boosts were implemented, all you had to do is to level up a new dino to 30 and you could use it in your team. But now it’s much complicated to replace a dino from your team. You lose half of the used boosts and that makes the replacement worthless. You can do it only while some events are active as I read the forum, but that’s not the way it should be.

New and returning players can never become top-players
I left this game about 1,5 years ago and my team full of 30s is still legible. But I’m not a top-player anymore (as I used to be) and I will never be it again cause I can’t do anything to beat the ones who collected boosts all this time. And I can’t collect more boosts than they, I’m strictly limited in getting ones. The only opportunity is to buy boosts for HC, but a pack of 100 of every type costs 6000 HC. 50$ per week to catch an extra week of boosts? That’s insane.

What to do in this situation?
Of course, Ludia can’t just remove all the boosts and say “Let’s play without it as we did before”. Many players bought boosts for real money and they can’t be just erased.

The main point I suggest that the higher progression should be based on DNA collecting. Increase the max level of a dino to 50. Let it require more and more DNA to level up a creature. If you want to add variability for the dinos, let a player choose a parameter that they want to improve a little bit more with a level up (sinse 30 or 20 lvl). For example, when I level up Magna to 31 level, she gets attack and health increased by leveling up and I get to choose what to improve extra: health, attack, speed. It’s like boosts, but this will be DNA based boost. If I want to grind, ride my bike for hours to get more Irritators to level up Magna faster, that’s my choice and my opportunity to progress.

All collected extra points spent on the dino should be resettable. For coins or HC, but I should be able to reinvest points in a creature without losing the points I collected. For some currency of course.

And what to do with collected boosts?
Let it be transformed into any non-hybrid DNA. Reset all boosts, count them and let them be any DNA a player needs. For example, 1 boost (any type) is 2000 common DNA, 200 rare DNA or 50 epic DNA. Or calculate any other rate, it’s only an example.

Players who collected tons of boosts will be able to go further with next max level of dinos, everyone get a chance to catch them and nobody loses a progression in this game.


Very much agree with your points.

Personally I believe Speed boost is the one that kills off this game while the other two are still acceptable (from my own opinion).


Boosts are OK. We just need regular reset/reshuffle. This situation is tragic when apex dinos unlocked but we are forced to play with other ones because of boost lock. Nobody will refund for 50% Ludia!
Allow refund for a free or do regular boost resets


I Couldn’t agree more
Boost are super problematic and they need to be removed ENTIERLY FROM THE GAME
and players that have stat boost will get refunded im the form of 1000coins/stat boost
I bet all high lvl players will suddenly have loads of coins because they enjoyed spemding all their booat into thor and only thor

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That solves only a part of the problems I described. It will be easier to change dinos in your team, maybe it will give some reasons to walk and hunt for more needed DNA. But it won’t solve the problem of strictly limited progression in high-levels and the barrier between old players and new ones.

My suggestion solves all the problems and keeps the benefits of the boosts.
If you get an extra point (kind of a boost) every level from 20 to 50 and spend it like a boost to increase attack, health, or speed, it will give you the benefits and variable of boosts. If you want to reset it for a dino, just pay some coins or HC. If you want another dino in your team, just level it up enough and use it. And it won’t slow down my progression to 3 boosts per week cause it will require DNA.

By the way, has anyone calculated how long it takes to fully boost your team?
Let’s count 8 dinos 30 level having all maximum 30 boosts. You’ll need 240 boost levels. Every week you can get for free only about 3. So it takes 80 weeks to fully boost a team. It’s almost 1,5 years! I think it’s a crazy long time.

I do believe that the boost system needs to be reworked. You may even call it Boost 3.0. But it has too many problems now.

It is pain to cover 8 dinos with full boosts. That is true. But on the other hand it is a kind of evolution for your dinos so boosts are good idea. What I see as a problem is:

  • no regular boost reset/reshuffle
  • unfair Tapjoy offers (iOS can earn only a few HC because most of the offers are silly comparing to thousands of HC on Android)

In my suggestion the idea of evolution for dinos and parameters is kept. With the variability of boosts. But it depends only on DNA (and coins). It keeps the point in hunting, using scents, collecting coins, which are lost in the current boost system.

That tap joy issue is 100% a rule made by and enforced by apple and isn’t gonna change unless apple changes it. Ludia is not gonna turn down the money they make off tapjoy on android.

And One of the mods on here recently said the boost shuffle event was a one time thing.

As far as this suggestion this is the kind of system boosts should have been. However I don’t see Ludia going this route…

So your answer is to give coins to people that paid real cash! Tell me how much real cash did you spend on boosts! I would guess 0. Keep your coins I don’t need them or want them! Take away my boosts that I paid money for and refund my money and we are all good! Try and give me anything else and we have a real problem.

80 weeks is nowhere near to 7 years.

Just for the protocol, I suggest transforming boosts into universal DNA that can be transformed to any non-hybrid DNA. For example, 1 boost will give you 2000 common, 200 rare, or 50 epic DNA. And if the maximum lvl is set to 50, you can transform DNA into a higher level of a dino. If the exchange rate is calculated carefully, you will still have dinos as strong, as you have now. But you can evolve them further with DNA, not only with the boosts.

You’re right, thank you. Wrong morning calculations XD
I fixed my comment.

Woooooweeeee! Are you saying you had a team full of 30s after 6 months of playing this game? How much money did you pay to get that high that fast? Just curious.

I totally missed that.
Do you have a link to it so I can share it with my alliance?
I’ve always suspected another shuffle would permanently make people stop buying boosts once they can field 8 maxed and that Ludia wouldn’t do it again. LOL

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Nobody can unlock Apex overnight. It takes months to unlock them (during that time you simply have to keep your hard earned boosts until then). Then it takes months to level them up. Once again, plenty of times to gather more boosts for them. I’ve just unlocked my second apex, and I had 26 boosts available for it. It’s only a question of planning instead of mindlessly dropping boosts without planning. (simply keeping two unboosted in your team goes a long way for when you’re getting apexes)

As far as having regular boost reset, the only thing it would do is remove the fact that currently, you can face tons of differents dinos. Yes, some of them may not be the top 8 tier dinos, but this variation make the game fun and challenging. Otherwise, the future would simply be: facing always the same 8 top tier dinos, games after games, after games. A Thor, Utarinex, Grypolyth, Smiley, Quetz may not be the top dinos, but in the hand of a good player, they can create havoc. Do a boost reset every month, and suddenly, you will only be facing Tenon, Dio, Tryko, Magna, Mammolania, and only Apexes from then on… Would be hard to be more boring than that.

I was thinking the same, but I guess after that, those with fat wallets can then boost tournament dinos (rare, epic, etc) and some raid dinos (I suspect that eventually, there will be more recipe for only 3 players or to go through those raids quicker!). And sure enough, regular reset would also make things worst. Imagine all the complaints about those players who have boosted dinos in tournaments and can change them every boost reset as well… Ouch…

Who needs coins? If they ever refunded my boosts for coins I would quit the game and write a bad review on every possible outlet stating that Ludia is a scam company.

Coins mean nothing if you have nothing to spend on. HC maybe if it’s like 4000 HC per 100 boosts. At least you can actually buy something worthwhile with HC.

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Yeah I never really expected the event to be ran again… if your just gonna run a run shuffle events might as well change the refund mechanic.

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This game exists since spring '18, almost 3 years. I played first 1,5 years.

I’m not sure a forum mod is the best source, tbh. The Amber Club have apparently been told that we’ll be getting more boost shuffles more often.

As for the topic… I think speed boosts are most of the problem. Changing them to be percentage-based rather than a flat +2 speed each would help, as it would ensure that classes stay generally the same in speed relative to each other.