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Why bother use regeneration when you know that I won’t let you escape from the execution


Why don’t you just stay still and accept your fate.


a rat will be a rat… maybe they hope you go afk and only use min strike.

edit: love the picture, that made me laugh :joy:

They have to pick something.
The alternative is to just sit there. LOL


its like… oh you thought youd escape?? NOPE!!



I’ve noticed players do that from time to time and it puzzles me as well. Or they swap from one thing about to die to something that will also die anyway. It is odd sometimes.

On the off chance the op is about to do a small attack, regen may save draco.

In the case of swapping for a different dino to lose, I think that is the person trying to express that they know they have lost, and they want you to know that they know it by swapping to something you both know is going to get smushed…so it lessens the loss in a way. Otherwise, in the mind of the losing team player, the winner did not know if the loser knew they were going to lose or not.

What seems worse, wanting and hoping to win and thinking in the last moment you have a chance but losing anyway or knowing that you have lost and trying to show the other person you know that already? I think in doing the swap, its like saying, “I know am going to lose, since I just swapped to something that is certainly going to lose, I know you know that I know I am going to lose and you did not crush my dreams and stuff.”

I am sure there is a book somewhere on the psychology of it all.


When I used to use DC I would regen to make sure that my opponent used their rampage or whatever the higher attack was. This was usually done to set up my next dino, and make sure that they had to wait at least one turn before they could use it again. If they tried to save that high attack, then I could usually swap out and save my DC for another swap in.


Like this?