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Why buff ardentismaxima so much?

Because of horrors like this abomination. 7/7/8 Utarinex. I put a dent in it, but lost 2-3. Oh, and they had a DC too.

I hope I see you tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be ready.


What a sweet little moster :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Need 5 more levels for my pink metalhead.

Edit: She is pretty shy

I’m very excited to use my Maxima. Shes boosted and ready to rumble. I’m hoping it does good against all the mega proceraths I’ll be seeing.

I’ll be trying out “Maxine” who will be “Yoshi’s” arch enemy. I think Thor will be Maxine’s arch enemy.

Actually, used right my maxima has been finishing off thor’s pretty well…

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510 speed boosts spent in 1 dino?