Why can’ spawn rate and types be fair?!


So, my wife started work after summer holliday, travelling into Stockholm city. I’m sitting 15 km outside of Stockholm, not in a low populated area, medium, seeing a stego, a sucho, a bunch of stops a 2 ohher dinos. Nothing interesting. Getting text from my wife she’s catching raptors, T-rec, triceratops, finding a bunch of chests, batteling an taking lots of other dinos.

Why can’ t spawn amount be about the same everywhere???

Is you live suburbian or countryside, no way you will get to lvl 20 in the same time!!! Don’t like!


Game is based on POI. No POI, less SD…Try Pokemon Go you will see what it is to have no stops at all.

Ludia made a good job by having SD everywhere (and they are litterally everywhere). Of course it can’t be equal everywhere just because they have no incentive to do so. And fairness what is it about ? Is driving fair ? Is a full time hunter fair ? Is rolling more for hybrids is fair ?

This game is far more playable everywhere than the others counterpart except maybe draconius Go.


Well my son and my mother have been on a trip to a big island i south of Sweden. The island is about 200 km long. The population during vinter is like less than 10.000 i believe. In summer it is well above 100-200.000. My son found 1 SD and no dinos. I don’t call that playable everywhere.

For me I don’t get the POI thing unless every SD or dino is putting a lot of stress on the servers. I get if the count is low in areas with very little phone coverage as it wount count up the traffic generated. As an operator I would love to have this game so as many as possible could play. Traffic generated income.