Why can’t Epic DNA be requested

It might just be me, but I don’t understand why you can’t request epic, legendary, or unique DNA from your alliance, as I’m sure everyone knows some players have every creature with a epic rarity and higher completely maxed out, having very large amounts of DNA of whatever creature they have maxed out (depending on how long it’s been at the maximum level) which can help other members of their alliance. I live in an area where nearly everything on the map is Majungasaurus, with every other common being very hard to find (especially Velociraptor, Dracorex gen 2, and Tarbosaurus) making it nearly impossible to get a good team with the lack of good creatures within a 200 mile radius of me. For this reason I think requests should include all rarities, what are your thoughts


Because who would want to donate it?


For the most part, no one is gonna hand their epic DNA over to someone else. If you’re not putting actual money into the game to get that DNA, you don’t have enough to spare. My alliance can barely be convinced to give common DNA to other members.

As for legendary/unique, that DNA is even harder to get because that’s all hybrids and you have to merge that stuff yourself.

  1. it would be a way to launder DNA from spoofers to non flagged accounts.
  2. the point of the game was suppose to be “go find it” and bowing to these types of player requests has severely damaged the game.
  3. I know people dont see this but I promise its true… The magic of this game is the journey. I feel like I got through the early phases of this game WAY to fast and I was around before all the freebies. Enjoy the long slow climb because it becomes a frustrating traffic jam once you get to a point.
    Requesting Epic DNA would cause I game with mounting issues a great deal more issues

You hunt a “200 mile radius” and can’t find anything worthwhile to dart? I would say this might not be the game for you.


I think they meant 200 meters.

I don’t think there is a problem with Epic sharing. It would be reduced values going by Common and Rare donations. There will come a point I think where it will have to be introduced as new dinosaurs get added.

Legendary and Uniques should never be available though. Those are the hybrids you really need to work towards if you want them.


I was over exaggerating to get the point across, but I do long distance trips (usually on a bike) to find good creatures but ultimately end up with darting 10 Majungasaurus and if I’m very lucky I might find a Velociraptor or a rare creature

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Request limits are 2 per day. There is a limit to dna requests

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They don’t let people request epic dna because there’s people out there that would create multiple accounts and donate it all to one account. Pokemon go for example there’s people with 20 phones at once! Lol it’s crazy

Enough people have already. Since it’s not technically against the TOS, from what I’ve been told, they are rather open about it.

I’ve already seen alliance chat asking for people with 0 trophies to be kicked out so an alt account can be added. They even make it seem like a win for everyone in the alliance. For the first day or two they’ll request something like Diplocalus to make it seem like everyone will be rolling in coins filling silly requests. But the magic fades fast and you never see any requests after that because playing two accounts fully is time consuming. The second account only logs in to dart rare event DNA and fill the main accounts requests for it.

Requesting Epic DNA sounds great in theory but I know there will be far more multi-accounts created if it comes into play.

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the “magic” of the game disappeared since they put the boost


I’m not trying to give my epic dna away and I doubt anyone else is either.

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No argument about that from me but my point is its the early to mid game where all the real fun of the game is and it goes by too fast

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In my opinion, it should be allowed but severely limited. 50 being the maximum you can collect per request, 10 being the maximum you can donate. Giving away a little bit of epic dna isn’t too bad, especially with sanctuaries providing what’s essentially free dna.

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I’ve got plenty Epic hybrid I’m more than happy to give away and if I get more Epic DNA than I need to level mine to 20th, I’d happily give the extra away too.

I think it is more a case that the option should be there. People can ask but must understand that they might not get much, if any.


I’ve got 7k Baryonyx to get rid of. There’s some epics that just flood certain areas.

Also if the request was just 1 DNA per click, the impact of “laundering” or multi accounting would be so minimal it wouldn’t matter.

Sanctuaries fulfill the need for making Epic DNA donating a thing. I get 60 Epic of my choosing every day, just by interacting with free items. No worries about empty requests or bugging your Alliance for people to give you any. Just have someone put a few in a Sanctuary and interact away. And, I get another 5 every two days when it comes home. Then I throw it back in another Sanctuary.

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