Why can‘t i swap my dino after cleaning?


It happened twice to me already that my dino (once Stegosaurus, once Suchotator) couldnt be swapped even 3 moves after my opponent used this ability.

The other dino forced mine not to swap, then i answered with superiority attack which included cleaning him. The other dino died and after that i still couldnt swap mine until he died 2 moves later.
Is it meant to be this way that „no swap“ includes an „if i die, you will have to die too and can‘t swap“ or is it a bug? In the ability section it just says „cant swap for 1 round“. And during the attack it looks like the no swap sign also gets cleaned. Which it practically doesnt do.


Which dino were you facing?


Has happened to me when a dino uses pinning strike. It doesnt how much i cleanse it wont go off :joy:


Im actually not sure any more which dino i was facing each time. Any one which has the ability „no swap for 1 round“. Like Nodopatosaurus.


It’s a well known glitch that they seem to be pretty lax about trying to clear up… I posted similar a couple weeks ago.


Thanks for letting me know. I think such glitches should be taken care of more quickly. It cant be so hard to fix them, can it Ludia? It would be really helpful if all moves in-battle could work the way they are meant to be.