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Why can’t Ludia get a thing right anymore?

Hey guys, I wanted to address some faults in this extremely flawed game. First of all, Ludia literally NEVER listens to their fan base, out of nowhere they decide to do a critical hit nerf and a dodge nerf which I’m sure angered LOTS of people. Also in addition to that, how does an Indoraptor with a 20% crit chance land way more than my level 22 Thoradolosaur that has a 40% crit chance? Number 2 is that they seem to never care about the DC situation. How can you possibly give the easiest to get legendary hybrid in the game the best swap in move? Lastly there are a plethora of glitches such as the infamous pink screen, randomly timing out in matches, and many, many more. If there is anymore issues, please feel free to list them in the comments, thanks!


Welcome to the club.


they dont care about the DC situation cos it is doing exactly what they intend it do. to up set everyone so we spend money to boost dinos to conmbat it. even if they do nerf it, they will replace it with yet another dino that does the same thing. Look at monomimus/preceratomimus

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