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Why can u not

How can u play Jurassic park builder or Jurassic park? They no longer appear in the paly store anymore?
What happened to it?
If they did remove it why?:thinking:

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Gone… Reduced to atoms. One year back the Game was deleted and there’s no way to play it anymore.


They stopped updating the game not long after JWTG was released, so player base slowly reduced

Then at one point it must have been unprofitable to maintain the game server due to the lack of people spending money in the game


I remember JPB, my first dino was trice and dilo … luckily I didn’t play as much as JWG otherwise I’ll be too sad to lose 1 year of JPB.

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It was closed one year ago :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
you can’t play it anymore.

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The same will happen to JWTG one day too.


Quiet! Don’t talk of such terrible things! :pleading_face:

… But on a serious note, the “one day” is definitely very very far away. JWTG is still making money and I’m sure Dominion next year will give it a boost.

Hopefully this one lasts long.


Dominion will boost it but it will start waning from 2023, I can see this lasting until 2025 or at the most 2027.

But 10 years is a good time length for a mobile game so we probably shouldn’t worry too much.


No!!!please Ludia! don’t listen @Timmah !

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i love this game, and i didn’t mean to be mean @Timmah:sweat:

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It’s okay, Ludia apparently doesn’t listen to the Forum… (Cough) new Tournament Hybrid Amphibian… :eyes:

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I thought the next tournament was kentrosaurus😨

No, that was just a reference to the long demanded tournament hybrid amphibian (glass canon) next to Gorgosuchus. It’s been asked for since years but we don’t have one till now. Showing that Ludia doesn’t really listen to the forums a lot. Well, the JWTG ones at least.

you are right … I ask for a long time a “sphenacognatus” …

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