Why can you not crit when healing?

Seems a basic flaw in mechanics that attack moves can hit with 25% more damage but you can’t ever heal more than base… would make healers more viable for teams and introduce more possibilities to matches

Crit healing? Absolutely not. Don’t want Parasauthops crit healing over and over again or Grypo critting on it’s ferocious heal…


It’s a nice idea but sometimes the amount of healing available is already strong. A bonus to healing would be too much.


Is grypo actually any good, i unlocked it earlier but didnt think much of it…

Grypo isn’t too bad but this isn’t the point.

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Ok but if I reduce damage then your heal is less (maybe 0)

Agreed. Imagine what that would do to a max attack paraT in arenas


The only time healing is boosted is in raids after something like RTC has been activated, which is wonderful. However that wouldn’t make sense for arena battles.

I would counter that by saying imagine what happens when a max boosted Phorurex crits on rampage…

I don’t think there is a logical reason why a stats-based game allows attack to crit but heal not to. Why should any attack crit? Surely just a way of introducing randomness and making outcomes less certain. So why not the same with heal?


It would be a cool feature but the high crit healing creatures will be a pain to take on and I don’t like the sound of a critical heal

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Most creatures with healing abilities have a really low critical hit chance though.

Some of These have crit

And all have heal but the hydra boa needs something to swap out to get its heal

Only parasauthops would be an issue but it should have 5% anyway as no creature with a swap in damage move should have more than 5% crit chance. That’s only my opinion though.


Again though, isn’t is a pain taking on a high-crit attacker like Thor for example?

Because it makes no sense.
You can crit because you could accidentally hit an artery or so. You can’t accidentally apply another bandage :slight_smile:


Critical hits are something classic in videogames, it’s not rare that we have it here too, but i’ve never heard of anything like critical heal, doesn’t make much sense. The purpose of critical hits is to sort of demonstrate when you hit a weak spot, can you hit a weak spot on yourself and heal? I seriously doubt it. That’s why its called critical, you hit a critical part of the oponent.

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I don’t know about the “doesn’t make sense” argument. Maybe you “accidentally” healed an artery instead of a superfluous scratch or whatever. Makes about as much sense as two genetically mutated extinct dinosaurs fighting for sport when you get down to it. Lots of other games have crits on the heals that I’ve played: DSA, Marvel, Epic summoners (I believe), Looney Tunes, etc.

There are a few posts out there re. crits on heals and while I think it is valid that it would make certain creatures a little over powered right now, if it were implemented, those creatures could be adjust either in crit percent or lower their attack.

Overall, the consensus in those other posts is that adding more RNG to the game is a bad idea, to which I sort of agree. I’d rather have a consistent good amount of healing than have to pray for a crit on one in order to survive.

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Critical heals exist in just about every MMO game for healing classes… usually affected by increasing a base stat, like ‘Intellect’.

It does add another element of RNG to the game but then, you’re often hoping for a damage ability crit as well, so I don’t see the difference. One is healing, hoping to out-heal the damage he/she knows is coming, the other is hoping to do enough damage to KO their opponent who’s likely going to heal. Seems a wash to me.


Healing is one of those things where I, personally, don’t want any RNG involved. Also, crit damage generally helps move the game along; crit healing helps stall it, and we already have an abundance of features that help stall and slow down matches.

Perhaps specific moves could have a chance to “crit” heal, but I wouldn’t implement crit healing as a rule of thumb. I would also largely reserve such a mechanic for dedicated healers like Tuoramoloch, Edmontoguanodon, etc, though healing in raids is already pretty strong, particularly paired with the abundance of damage boosts, and I don’t think such a mechanic would boost these creatures to PvP relevance.