Why cannot get my vikings no. To 4550

I have already reach viking nos. To 4310 but to be able to upgrade my other items i need 4550 vikings, but there are no upgrade available already at meage hall, how do i proceede? Kindly help

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I believe you’re having the same problem, and the solution should be same.

So until now there are no solution?

Read it please?

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Many other players have gotten past 4550 vikings, myself included. You are probably missing some upgrades. Please read the thread that @Wodensfang linked.

How to update do you have link?

How do you get that idea? Nobody here told you to update your game. If you really need to update your game, maybe you can check your app store.

Maybe he meant “upgrade”?

Again, here is the link:

@Ronald_Brillantes, please read through that thread and see if it helps.