Why can't group heal heal past Compy's health bars

I mean group attacks hit through compy’s health thresholds but group heals don’t? Is this intended or a bug? Its just weird to me that that happens in raids where the group heals could heal up my compies but dont (its not just compies but all flock creatures)

It’s because each health bar represents an individual flock member. When one is down, you can’t heal a passed out creature. This is why they need to rally heal. Brings back the passed out member and then heals.


yeah but its a group heal. i can understand a single target heal only healing one bar but not group heal. I think it should be changed if this is intended. It only affects raids so it wouldn’t be op and it would make more sense.

You can’t heal past an individual’s full health bar. Each compy splits the health bar between the 3 of them. When one is dead you can’t heal it back to life. Rally is a revive. Regular group heals do not revive dead flock members, therefore they cannot heal more than how many flock members are alive.


Each health bar represents the health of 1 flock member. Only rally heals can bring a flock member back. Group attacks hitting through a flocks health is how the game works. Group attack work really well against flocks

Its still only a game mechanic that would only be affected in raids. I think it should be changed.

Why waste the time and effort on changing one minor, completely inconsequential thing that really doesn’t need to be changed?

There are way bigger issues that Ludia should/needs to address, especially when Group Heal is perfectly fine as it is.

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