Why cant I battle?

Ok I’m having an issue where I go to battle and immediately I get a message that says “match timed out” almost immediately (5-10 seconds) after tapping battle. I try again and the countdown starts on an indefinite 30 second loop until I cancel! I’ve tried resetting my time on my phone, shutting down and restarting the phone and even deleted and reloaded the app! Same issue. What else can I try?

It is very buggy! I find myself having to restart my phone at times and delete the cache from going into app settings in my phone, then try to open the app.

If not, then a delete of the game and reinstall?

Hopefully a mod will reply to you soon :slight_smile:

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That worked! Thanks! :+1:

No worries - Also, be careful going into wifi and mobile data, tends to confuse the app a bit! :slight_smile: