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Why cant I get prize drop?

Hey guys, I was wondering how I access my 10 cards that I purchased using loyalty points. I dont seem able to get anything but the common ones on the left when my timer counts down.

Why would I purchase all those cards if I cant ever actually get them? And if so, what do I need to do to get them? Is it random?


You should see a Claim button under each one that you have purchased tickets that allows you to see what you won. You have to click on each one to open up those results, you should always have one prize for each ticket purchased (it will group all the ones that are the same together with an x2-9 on them, so you will have at most 4 results for the 10 tickets).

If for some reason the Claim button isn’t showing up under your LP tickets, you should contact Ludia support.

Hi mary_jo, will that only come up after the 6 days / reset timer counts down? Currently when the progress bar gets to the end I just get rewards from 1 ticket and it has only been the far left category.


No, you should be getting those each day when the prize drop resets for the day. According to the timer in my game, that’s in about 1H:20M from now.

I guess I’ll wait and get back in that hour and 20! Thanks Mary jo, I’ll let you know if it worked this time:)

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Good luck! I’ll try to take screenshots of what mine look like if I remember to in case you still have trouble, but will be in bed shortly, so will take awhile to post them.

All good. I’m not far off bed myself Haha.

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Never mind, it worked this time! So weird. Didnt get anything worthwhile though :slight_smile: tomorrow maybe!

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Me either… I haven’t won much since I mentioned on another topic how I’d been winning good prizes off the lottery a lot recently. Duh!

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